Dude. Physics sucks.

Yeah. We just started a physics unit in science today, and jesus fucking christ. I’m tolly lost on the first day.

Complete the following calculations by providing the correctly rounded answer with units.

Dude. I mean, what the fuck?

22.4 hours * (0.1 milimeters / 1 hour) = ?

Okay. First off. How the fuck am I supposed to answer this garbage? How can I correctly round this shit? I’m like, god at mathematics and science in my class, but this is like an amalgam of the two. I can’t solve this garbage.


I remember how utterly fucking RETARDED rounding things in chemistry was. If physics is anything like that, it probably includes arbitrarily hacking digits off the end of your answers to make them monstrously innacurate.

The answer is 2.24. But if you round it it’ll probably be like, 6. Because rounding in science is fucking absurd.

What aren’t you understanding there? I BLOW ASS at math and it looks simple to me.

Hades, haha!! Your comment made me laugh! :open_mouth:

The answer was actually 2. D:

22.4 hrs * 0.1 mm = (approx) 2 hrs*mm

2 hrs*mm / 1 hr = 2 mm

The answer is 2 mm, when you consider all the significant digits (which is 1)

2.2 millimeters

Significant figures shows you should only have one decimal place (The longest decimal number given is only 1 digit long). Cancelling hours/hours makes millimeters the only remaining unit. At which point, 22.4 * 0.1mm = 2.24 mm, or rounded to 2.2 mm.

GRAH, been so long since I did Sig Figs I forgot not to count the 0 in 0.1
Cless is right, it’s 2 mm.

I look at that and I see a foreign language. I haven’t touched physics in my entire life, except for the month or so we glossed over some bs in grade 10 core science.

Now let’s say you had to calculate how many atoms of hydrogen can fit into (22.4 * 0.1) mm. Let’s say you used significant digits and came up with the answer 2. That unaccounted 0.24 mm will probably make your answer a few hundred QUADRILLION atoms off target.

This is why I fucking hate this significant digits bullshit.

You guys are all so sexy with this math talk. Damn o.O

Hades, he’s in Highschool. You can argue that they are teaching him to do things in an overly simplified manner and I’ll agree, but they are teaching him the general idea of how these calculations are made not training him to build an atomic bomb.

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Except that you only go to sig figs when you are completely 100% done. Until then, the 2.24 would be treated as 2.24. And then the dimensions of the hydrogen atom would be expressed as .000048 microns, or 4.8 * 10^-5 microns, or 4.8 * 10^-8 mm. So when you take into account the number that can fit into .24 mm, you have 2.4mm/(4.810^-8/H), or 510^7H, which is 50 000 000, or only 50 million atoms off. Bitch.

What, so I’m supposed to forgive the unforgivable system!? NEVER!!! I’m organizing a letter-bombing campaign to the official science people who probably live in england and drink earl grey as they laugh at our hideously off-kilter calculations through hidden cameras in their underground base!!!

SamuraiEdit: <font size=“7”>SHIT!! PIERSON IS ONE OF THEM!!!</font>

You need chemistry because on your first job interview, the HR guy will turn to you and say “During a reaction with Magnesium and Hydrocloric acid, 24 grams of magnesium and hydrocloric acid are provided. Is the Magnesium, or Hydrocloric Acid, the limiting reactant? And given that this is a single replacement reaction, how much Magnesium Chloride is produced? Solve using dimensional analysis and stoiciometry”

And if you can’t answer, its the streets for you.

Damn, Hades is right, that should be 0.00007 Km.

That’s awesome.

The HCl is the limiting reactant

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