Ducks again!

Watch the way they swim!

It isn’t curious. They are trying to find the left duck’s engagement ring.

I’ll see your hypnotic ducks, and raise youadorable baby penguins! :moogle:

Nope, Ren. Sorry. That’s not as good as the previous thread.

Baby penguins are however always adorable!

They are not angry ducks! ANGRY DUCKS!! And the penguins are so fucking cute.

I don’t know why it says curious unexplained behaviour, must be a joke, cause I’ll be damned if those ducks haven’t found food.

Chippy the attack Gopher

I am quasi-necroposting here, but I just read Nebragams thread “History of videogames” on the VG forum, then switching to the main forum I saw “Ducks”. Badah boom!
The first thing that comes to mind is “Bang, bang …bang!”. The laughing dog was shot, and now he is just a bubble-blowing atraction at the bottom of the pond.