Zepp went to his first dubstep show last night. After literally making fun of it for at least a year in the chat. We’ve also made fun of post-dubstep, brostep, and dubstepno. What are y’all’s thoughts on dubstep? Are you a fan of tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals?

<@zeppelin> 984
<@zeppelin> im drunk and wasterd but i got inittied to a dubstep “sjhow:” tonight
<@zeppelin> a dubstep show lol
<@Rinn> gettin ur dub on
<@zeppelin> dusbstep lol
<@zeppelin> actullaly ive never nbeen to a dubstep show before
<@zeppelin> it was p funy
<@zeppelin> there was not as much as stepping as i thought there might be thoguhg
<@zeppelin> i can’t slteep there birds haeve taken over my garden there’s too many its so loud
<@zeppelin> duuubsep

  • KaiserBasara (KaiserBasa@F47530A7.1B07E04E.7B1AD664.IP) has joined #rpgclassics
    <KaiserBasara> lol i started playing baraque lol this is liek waterworld meets hott topic
    <@Rinn> sounds right up your alley
    <KaiserBasara> hott topic sux
    <KaiserBasara> and the npcs in this game, if its a fucking dream world, they should fucking lucidly dream to get their orbs
    <KaiserBasara> oh and orbs lol that goes back to final fuckery 1
    <KaiserBasara> so yeah, real original
    <@zeppelin> oh god its kasier basara abd im drubjj=k
    <@zeppelin> i dont know if i can handlei t
    <KaiserBasara> lol wut
    <KaiserBasara> i’m trolling right now
    <@zeppelin> how u troll
    <KaiserBasara> i’m criticizing an rpgs
    <KaiserBasara> for bad storytelling
    <KaiserBasara> well, i suppose by rpgclassics standards that’s legitimate discussion
    <@The_984> drunk zepp
    <@The_984> at 5:30 in the morning
    <@The_984> awesome
    <KaiserBasara> china?
    <@The_984> So much better than when DG came in drunk off kahlua
    <@zeppelin> dusbtpe
    <@zeppelin> DUBSTEP
    <@The_984> Did anyone wear a DUBSTEP TShirt?
    <@zeppelin> no
    <KaiserBasara> dubstep sux
    <@The_984> I am disappointed, zepp
    <@The_984> You should make one but it has Chinese characters!
    <KaiserBasara> wow, asians must be really dumb if they liek rap music
    <@zeppelin> acutally i must confeess
    <@zeppelin> i literally know nothing about dubstep
    <KaiserBasara> good!
    <@zeppelin> i just pretend
    <KaiserBasara> i thot zepp was gonna say “lick my loli back behyind”
    <@zeppelin> then ig ot asked to dubstep show tonight so im like ok time to goooooooo
    <@zeppelin> dubstep sucks i agree with barasar
    <@The_984> A stopped clock is right twice a day
    <KaiserBasara> o rly?
    <@zeppelin> htere are so many birds outisde
    <KaiserBasara> kewl
    <@zeppelin> why are they all signing
    <@The_984> They’re marking their territory
    <@zeppelin> i want to sleep
    <@The_984> You should mark your territory by peeing ont hem
    <@The_984> That would shut them up
    <KaiserBasara> afk
    <@zeppelin> blme dubspte for literally everything
    <@The_984> Even the holocaust?
    <@zeppelin> especailly that
    <@The_984> Oh
    <@The_984> You should go visit your Shanghai Princess
    <@The_984> or text her
    <@zeppelin> i blame britons for the holocast because they were pussies and couldn’t stop hitler
    <@The_984> or something
    <@zeppelin> aso i blame britons for dusbstpe because they invented dubspte
    <@zeppelin> clearly these issues are related
    <@zeppelin> also
    <@zeppelin> um
    <@zeppelin> well there is just nothing good about the british
    <@zeppelin> i mean really nothign
    <@The_984> They make the best villains in movies
    <@zeppelin> for example
    <@zeppelin> im tired
    <@zeppelin> gonna dubsleep

typnig wehn ur drnk iz so hrda!!!

lol ye

The birds are singing…dubstep.

I’ve never understood what you are supposed to do at a concert. Like…seriously. I think I’m an aspie.

GSG: It depends on what kinda concert it is, and where you’re located in the concert area. Ideally, you will be enjoying the music, mingling with fellow fans, and maybe doing a little dancing (hopefully with an attractive person. or persons). But in addition to the enjoying the music and socializing, there are a few other things you might want to do, depending on a number of variables.
For example, if you are in the mosh pit at a Rob Zombie concert with a bunch of fucktards that wanna get rough, put your jiu jitsu blocking techniques to work in order to keep from getting something broken or dislocated until security throws their asses out. On the other hand, if you are at an Andy Williams concert, your ass will be firmly planted in a chair for the entire duration, and you won’t have to do a damn thing except maybe be so bored that you decide to play Scribblenauts on your DS to keep from falling asleep.

I broke both my legs in a mosh pit at a Simon and Garfunkel concert.

I don’t know if you have any idea how much this has helped, but thank you.

I once broke someone’s legs in a mosh pit at a Simon & Garfunkel concert.

I once opened up at a Simon and Garfunkle concert.

I once accidentally a Simon and Garfunkel.

in terms many of you can understand, dubstep is okay

I think arguing about opinions is stupid.

It sounds cool, but I’ve never really got into it.

I once got beaten up at a Simon concert by a guy named Garfunkel.