DS Remodeled

Not a lot of information, but I didn’t know before.

I have to admit, the look of the DS just never appealed to me. My SP is just so gosh-darned cute!

I agree completely.

The news on this has been out for such a short time, and it seems like already everywhere on the internet. Internet wildfire?

Also: Hi Vicki AND Sin!

Dammit… yeah, I’ll trade up. That thing looks a bit slicker than my DS… -_-

F’meh, I don’t much care for it. Sure, I might find it appealling if I wasn’t dirt poor, but I’m dirt poor so my OLD FASHIONED DS is fine by me.

I will probably trade in my old DS…since I messed up the bottom screen and the battery on my current one doesn’t last as long I like.

That’s because the DS is THAT ugly right now. Sony did a good move regarding the PSP, they recognized what is part of the iPod’s appeal. You want things to have a style. You don’t want people to be embarassed.

Sorry, I saw ‘gosh-darned’ and I really couldn’t help myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I think I’ll stick with my OG DS. I really think smaller handhelds suck. I’m on the unpopular side with this one I guess, but I think the DS is really at a good size, and if anything, I could go with it being about a centimeter or so WIDER than it already is. Fuck having it smaller.

Besides, who the fuck wants the mic in the middle of the thing? Sin says the DS looks embarassing to tug around, and though I disagree, I certainly WOULD agree if the mic were on the middle. Take a look at this real life depiction of the comparisons:

:smiley: = Person
bla = words said into mic
> = DS

New DS:


Now look at that. What the fuck? Seriously. NOW, take a look at this.

Old DS:

  :) bla.

See how much nicer that is? I rest my case.

I fully agree with SG, for once.

Also, the start and select buttons are annoyingly placed on the remake.

I blow air into my microphone to fill my balloons in Mario Kart.

It works well as it is right now. So I’m not sure if I like this remake fully.

Well I personally think that the microphone placement was poorly redesigned… you have to go further in order to blow baloons now lol

Real gamers blow.

You know what this means?

Another mini version of a game system I already have and will not bother to buy.
I have big hands. :frowning:

I have to say that I’m not terribly fond of of the redesign myself.

But then again, I wasn’t fond of the SP. It always felt awkward in my hands. I always liked the shape of the classic GBA better.

If you keep your bigger handheld, there’s less chance of flushing it down the toilet… which benefits everyone! Except the morlocs… then they don’t get handhelds.


Anyway, i like the new one better, if only because its hard to hold the DS with one hand, and use the stylus with the other. Its not <i>too</i> heavy as it is, but gets burdensome after awhile.

Also, hopefully they’ll decide to incorporate internet (specifically a TCP/IP stack) into the actual system this time. The old DS relies on the game to enable wireless internet play, hence why Pictochat is offline, and the firmware can’t be upgraded. If they added online pictochat, and maybe wide-area “download play” (imagine being able to download demos from any hotspot :D), it would be perfect.

roflmao, fuckin’ morlocs

I wish they’d stop fixing shit that requires a completly new purchase.

Its really sleezy but smart. They got away with selling you the same product twice before, maybe even three times with the GBA SP and Micro. If they release a product that can make a good amount of money, then release the same product improved, they make a killing. I think they’ve been planning this all along.

Uhm, this has been Nintendo’s marketing strategy for a good while now. Remember the Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket?