DS or SP?

I’m tempted to buy a GBA SP right now, since it’s going down in price with the announcement of the DS and there are finally some games I’d shell out money for. But aforementioned DS is coming out probably around Xmas in Europe. So should I wait and get a DS for probably a gift or buy a fairly cheap SP now?

DS. It will only be 150 with a game, and games are 30 bucks. Plus it is backwards compatible with GBA, so why would you get a SP when it will just be outdated in a few weeks?

I found myself in a similar predicament, Pi. For the same reasons, too. I’ve decided to just wait on shelling out $80 on an SP (regardless of how badly I want one of the NES ones :p), and instead invest that $80 towards a DP. Three words that influenced my decision the most were: Final. Fantasy. Three. :stuck_out_tongue:

DS, it’s better, and it can play the GBA games…just a longer wait.

IS there a Back Light in the DS like the SP… Knowing me I’ll have to buy a GBA to keep my sister happy. and let her with my Pokémon.

Big Nutter
Play’s FFTA when he can’t play SO3.

Yup, DS is better. Sigh… don’t remind me of SPs…I regret buying two GBA SPs just so that I can play 2 players on FF: CC…

Yes, it is backlit.