DS Gameshark.

Where do you go for codes for games that weren’t out when you picked up yours? There’s a long-running contest among sites that deal in cheat code devices to make their sites as illegible, confounding, and useless as possible.

RPGC might look like it was designed a decade ago, but damnitall if our content isn’t at least accessible to people who want to use it.

there seem to be 2 DS gamesharks out

the stupid one I have that really only replaces savegames in DS games and is really just a GBA gameshark

and the REAL gameshark.

sadly I have the former.

Cheatin’s for suckas

Real cheaters use AR DS. :booster: Now if you used that, I know the perfect place for those types of codes. Otherwise, you’re out of luck…

Besides, I never even knew there was a Gameshark DS. This is the first I’ve heard of it.

that’s what I meant. Action replay. I have the one that sucks, but there’s a new one that doesn’t.