DS Friend Codes thread

I’ve noticed that whenever any major DS game comes out, we have a thread of friend codes. Why not just have one thread that has all of them and sticky it? That way, we don’t have to hunt down some different thread for each game?

Also, I just bought a DS Lite, so I have all new friend codes… >_>

MarioKart DS:


Tetris DS:


I have AC and MKDS but i only play tetris. Wifi connection isn’t working at the moment, i’m trying to fix it.


ps: current tetris high-score 2300+ lines (locks at 999 but i was at level 230) which is around 5.5million. got a game going right now that i’m not done with well over 6000 lines, which is up near 17mil 8)

<a href=“http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/796/tetris9cq.jpg”>pic of my current high score, taken before i died, so its lower than what i ended up with</a>

You can’t die in Tetris.

Why didn’t you just transfer your Wi-Fi data from one to the other Sat?

How do you do that?

Yeah, i’d like to know too. I think the feature zero is talking about only transfers your IP and DNS settings and stuff though.

No, I mean the actual friends codes and settings and everything

But don’t take my word for it. Nintendo explains it better than I ever could. See Link

It may not work the first click as it asks for your personal language settings, open it in a new window, just pick whatever you want and then click the link again.

I did the same thing their instructions say to do, and it still wiped out my settings and started me over fresh… -_-