Drunkin man Shoots self in crotch

the title says it all



I like this world we live on.

Just when I had myself re-convinced English people were smart, something like this comes along and sends me back to square one. Bastards.

granted that I’m related to at least one person who decided to give a shotgun head whilst drunk, but that is a bit ridiulous.

Wow, that’s just…ok that’s just creepy.

Well, there’s one way to stop stupid people from reproducing. :stuck_out_tongue:

And it’s a slow news day at MSNBC…

He’s probably already nominated for the Darwin Award, come to think of it. I’ll have to check the website.

Gun + lots of alcohol = bad

Injuring yourself while drunk is one thing, but castrating yourself with a sawn-off? That’s just TOO fucked up for words. :-/

God, lets hope he didnt have any kids.

thats wonderful, thanks for sharing that with us.

It’s ironic because he castrated himself with a <i>sawed off</i> shotgun.

I’d love to know the train of thought that led him to get the shotgun after arguing about who’s round it was. With a good friend too.

ok… now why would they write an artical about this…

They would write an article about this because it’s silly enough to get people’s attention.

I… I don’t know what kind of special stupidity it takes to do something like that. I’ve known a lot of people to get incredibly drunk, but come on, playing with a gun? Thats actually a step stupider than driving drunk, and it takes some real issues to do that.

What a fucked up country. He shoots his dick off - so you throw him in jail.

What made him think he could hide it anyway? I mean, “Excuse me sir, but is that a shotgun stock sticking out of your belt?”.

Well… even if he did shoot his dick off, I dont want drunk people running around with sawed-off shotguns, especially not drunks with guns stupid enough to shoot themselves.

No, he was thrown in jail for illegal possesion of a gun that he happened to shoot his dick off with.