Drunken Sex...

Recently, a female friend of mine admitted that she had drunken sex with one of her best friends (The best friend has tried to put the moves onto her before). She claims that she doesn’t remember any of it. She also says it was a mistake.

I’m just confused and hoping for some insight. How does drunken sex happen? What’s going through peoples minds? Is it because she might’ve been attracted to the friend? Was she even aware she was having sex? I’m just so confused as I’ve never had to deal with Drunken sex stuff before.

Alcohol tends to decrease inhibitions and make you horny. I know of people doing things they’d never do otherwise while on alcohol. Don’t be surprised. Your friend’s a retard if she’s all flustered, end of the line.

“Alcohol stimulates the desire but takes away the performance.” -Macbeth

You’ve obviously never been drunk before.

So, because it happened under the influence of Alcohol, it makes the anything that happened meaningless, Sin?

Edit: I’ve done the Drunekn route, Sorc, but never the Drunken sex. I’m just failing to understand how she could sleep with someone she wasn’t interested in.

Usually, you would balance your desire to sleep with someone against a dozen reasons not to, but a drunk mind is less susceptible to reason. So, just a little bit of desire is enough for a drunk person.

Since when she got drunk her standards fell. I guess she would say it was a mistake since she doesn’t want to date the guy.

As Sin said, Alcohol reduces your inhibitions, making you easier to pressure into certain situations. This, coupled with the fact of an increased level of trust due to being a close friend of someone, leads to some bizzare and often downright dangerous situations.

I am sure you have seen people try to skull a keg or other such stupidity from drunken people who do it “on bets”.

Drunken sex is no different a phenomena. People feel pressured into the action and have reduced inhibitions about it. As such, they tend to take the path of least resistance, which is to cave in. Chances are she has thought about him in a sexual way before (lets face it, everyone thinks of everyone of the opposite gender that way at SOME point) but regardless, he took advantage of her inebriated state.

It warrents an asskicking.

Westside, You speak so clearly and it makes me understand. I love you dude.

The full story less focused on why it happened, but on what to now. I was just stuck on the whole “Why the fuck did you fuck if you didn’t want to?”

Well, here’s the full tale.

<i>Pat and Nicky have been friends for several years. About 5, I think. Pat’s always been the flirty type with Nicole.

Nicole broke up with her boyfriend… Pat was there to help her through it. Not long after the breakup, Pat tried to kiss her at a party after he’d had a few. She pushed him away and indicated that she didn’t like him in that way.

About a month later, Boxing Day, She has way too much to drink. They end up sleeping together. She says the “I don’t like you in that way. Please stop trying.” line again. He says “Yeah, okay” to that, but continues to make advances upon her, pushing to spend more time with her and such. Nicole doesn’t want to lose him as a friend, but it seems that he’s not content to remain “just a friend.”</i>

I guess that’s it for them two there. There’s a little bit more, but it’s not relevant, I don’t think.

Being drunk makes it easier to do what you want to do, but are afraid to do. That is why alcohol is so popular.

Something similar has happend to a friend of mine. Just add ‘Patrick was a control freak and plenty of insults and public humiliations’.Overall, I think Nicky didn’t have her head on straight considering that she knew Pat made moves on her, and yet she continues and gets drunk in his presence.

I have no pity for those that do stupid stuff while drunk. One of the stupidest laws out there that I know of is the one where a man can give consent for sex while drunk, but a woman can not. That just makes me scratch my head. If you are dumb enough to get drunk then at least accept the consequences.

Things like this are why ONLY married christians should engage in sex. NodNod

I guess only time will tell. If several months go by, and she keeps mistakenly having sex with him, even at times where she isn’t drunk, the problem might be on her end.

Reading an opinion so similar to my own just made me have spontaneous sexual relations with my pants.

'Far as I’m concerned, as long as a person is aware they’re drinking something containing alcohol (or other, more potent stuff) when they start, they should be held to be consciously responsible for every single one of their actions. So, to me, a death inflicted by a drunk driver equals flat out murder, as if the person had intended to kill.

So, no, she wasn’t taken advantage of. It’s a little harsh, but unless she was drugged, it’s as much on her part as his.

<i>Edit: This isn’t to say the guy isn’t a total jerk, as he seems to be, but the rest stands.</i>

Actually, I’ve been told that while alcohol decreases inhibitions, a lot of people use it as an excuse to have sex/do something stupid.

Mitsuko has a nice example, the girl has control over what she’s doing.

(And no, this wasn’t told to me by some super conservative old white hick)

Rud, two questions, and a couple thoughts.

1: Is this the same female friend that devirginized you? Don’t have to answer this one if you don’t want, of course.

2: Is it feasable for you to like, kick the guys ass, like Shal suggested? If so, go for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’d warn her not to get drunk around him again. Hell, I’d warn her not to get drunk period. It can have so many unpleasant, unexpected consequences.

You got that right. They should think before they get plastered. We can’t simply excuse people just because they lack self-restraint.

I agree wholeheartedly with you, RPT. That’s very odd that three people should have similar opinions on the same subject in RPGC. Either the world has ended or we are going to face an unruly opposition.

Alcohol is the excuse, not the reason. Don’t believe her lies.

Just smile and nod your head compassionately when she relates her sad sob story.