jim beam and old weller are great wisheky. how mamny of you fuckers are drunk right now??? i’m sorry, I know I sound retarded lmao

I wish I had a picture of me posting drunk with I believe Zero’s quote of “Friend’s don’t let friend’s post drunk.”

Can’t get drunk right now. I’ll get drunk on the 18th starting at around 30 past noon. We’ll be hammered and stumbling down the streets of downtown Winston-Salem at like 4 PM.

Similar story, but with the 17th, and starting at about 4 PM.

goddamn I’m retarded

For reals, you did this thread already. God damned youngin’s.

Ah it’s OK. I’ve made my fair share of retarded threads, and I know others have as well.

What I’m more concerned about is how long we have to wait for people to make brain pill posts while fucked up on brain pills. Would they be spelled correctly and give off revelations about the world around us? Would they solve quantum physics problems in concise manners?

BRAIN PILLS: your noggin’ will pop from excess knowledge.

I got so drunk one night in Vegas that I forgot my room number…thank goodness for my friend. He helped me back to the room…right after I asked him “What hotel am I in?”

Sounds like something Frame and Epic would have done on their Vegas trip.

I love reading drunk person threads… drunk people in chat is even better sometimes though. :smiley:

drunk posting

I got together with a bunch of friends of mine recently and they all got mildly sloshed and we played Rock Band. It seems they all get better when they’re slightly tipsy.

We tore the shit out of Dani California.

That same thing happens to me, except instead of getting better at Rock Band, I’m better at Call of Duty. Apparently for me alcohol and guns are a good combo. >_>

Also, damn Cro, how drunk were you that night? :wink: (inside joke)

One final down. Three to go. Soon we shall be drunk enough to negate mens rea.

Also, I tended to get better at Halo with a few drinks. Too many though and it’s all downhill.

Twelve days until I have to negate the effects of aging with enough booze to age me three years.

I remember when I used to get drunk and go in the chat. And no, I don’t care how pathetic it was.