Dropping By

Hey everyone. Just thought I’d say what’s up. Good to see things are still swinging here.
The police academy’s pretty tough, tougher than I thought it would be. Luckily I was in above-average physical shape before I went in, otherwise it would be hell. 5 people have already quit, and a couple flunked out.
On the homefront, Rachell’s due date is mid-April. 6 more months until I’m a father. r0ck!
Hiryuu, no promises, but I’ll try and finish the Helbreath shrine. It’ll be slow, but maybe once I finish it I can just upload and let one of the other staffers (or whoever) be in charge of it, if they’re interested.
I’ll try to drop in later, so in the meantime you all take care and be good!

Nice to hear how you’re doing. Here’s hoping the good stuff keeps coming. :cool:

A lot happened while you were gone. I’ll give you the lowdown:
<li>People stopped writing in Haiku</li>
<li>Sinistral was accepted into some prestigous university in Montreal</li>
<li>Crotanks got an Epiphone</li>
<li>I got 98% on a bio test. Woo hoo!</li>
<li>Trillian hit 1000 posts</li>
<li>Pierson and Eva are now lovers</li>
<li>Zero’s and TD’s birthdays</li>
<li>Many very useless political debates</li>
<li>TD watched all 51 episodes of FMA in a mere three days</li>
<li>Charlemagne made ONE post. ONE. I think he’s growing away from us ;_;</li>
<li>Someone posted a HILLARIOUS link to Kim Jong Il’s Livejournal</li>
<li>TD’s Fserve is STILL better than Epic’s</li>
<li>I learned how to play Classical Gas on guitar</li>
<li>Several thousand people in 3rd world countries DIED because Americans donate thousands of times more money to the movie industry than to charity</li>
<li>I murdered Shal and Rud in an argument about whether “Australlian” was it’s own language, or just identical to english with an imperciptible difference in accent. MURDERED.</li>

That’s about it for now. I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of it. I’ll leave it to you to weed out the lies.

<ul><li>Shalcar and I grew weary of trying to reason witha deranged idiot. We let him think he won.</li></ul>

Good to hear about the cop thing. My boyfriend was going to be one, but they let him go at the last moment stating he was the youngest with no military training ;_; Don’t get hurt now.

Hisses at Hades

Good luck with the little one too. squeals I want one!

How in God’s name do you get military training in Canada? All the Canadian military does is sit around on their arses all day playing cards, and once in a while, doing charity work. We need a war -_-

I knew a guy who was going into the fire department and he told me about all the training he had to go through, so I’m guessing a lot of it is similar to a police officer. Hang in there, you’ll make it. It’s good to hear from you.

I’m reminded of something a Canadian from another message board once said:

Sometimes I think we should invade someone just to see the look on their face.

“We’re being invaded by who?! You’ve gotta be shittin’ me.”

Nice tah see ya! The only new thing about me is it’s my birthday today! I’m 11 now!

“I heard the assassin got past the Canadian army… he must have been on his tippy-toes!” (Anyone who knows where the quote comes from gets a cookie)

Good to see you, Aldred. No matter how tough it is, remember that you’re more than good enough to see it through to the end, and you’ve made it through the grinder. Keep at it, and make RPGC proud! 8)

And I know you’ll be a wonderful father. Congratulations again!

Good luck.

I’m so glad you remembered everyone elses name but not mine. :bowser: :hahaha;

Anyway Aldred congratulations.

Yo Aldred. Good to hear from you again.

I just have gas… and on a Facepalm rampage!!! And My regualar Sprites are Darkie and Tina.


Big Nutter
Give the Bloke Peace. And now I have 6 addreses of Ductch Girls On My MSN…

Always remember folks, “letting someone think they won” involves having no evidence whatsoever, knowing you were wrong from the beginning, and abandoning all hope and common sense.

I just have gas… and on a Facepalm rampage!!! And My regualar Sprites are Darkie and Tina.


Big Nutter
Give the Bloke Peace. And now I have 6 addreses of Ductch Girls On My MSN…
What does this MEAN!?!!?

Nutter is a very scary person. I stopped trying to figure out what his posts mean.


edit: shit, I posted >_> YOU NEVER SAW THIS.

<li> It seems like the word ‘gas’ sent BigNutter into a frenzy that made him… facepalm, or something. </li>

<li> He introduced both of his sprites, ‘Darkie’ and ‘Tina’ to the audience. Even if he only used one of them. </li>

<li> One of his sprites told him ‘she’ wanted to have sex with Nutter. </li>

<li> Nutter told ‘her’ to give him a break, cause he is a +1337 slut cause he has 6 GIRLS on his MSN list. Wow. </li>


omg ima so smrat.

EDIT: Bah, like 3 people replied while I was writting this >( I hate you all.

Facepalm rampage: Easy, I’m the cause or sole receiver of a Facepalm. (chances are you might do it) and The spirtes that Appear in my post the Currnet ones excluding me are Dark Angel and Tina who speaks next.

There Is a person called Tina who has this sprite made for. Nutter Just pasted a Quote from http://www.thetribeuk.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?

Big Nutter
Just that I’ve got on my MSN 4 girls From Holland and one of them has 3 adresses.

EDIT: 12 Girls Actually I have Several "3 accunts to 1 user " types. BTY Gas Wind… I Love fart Jokes too much.

If you’re going to post using your painfully unfunny sprite theaters, could you at least, y’know, make them relevant?

Good going Al. Keep us updated will ya? Always nice to hear from someone from RPGC who’s making a success of their life. :slight_smile: