This is the big one, boys. 72 pounds of pure, undiluted nerdgasm all over your face~

I just came.

… and again.


I hope you have $3000 to burn

My computer can sense when its case has been opened…that one looks like it would want to play Global Thermonuclear War.

That monstrosity is almost half my body weight. While it looks impressive, all I need to say is Moore’s Law to render its existence invalid.

Meh. Seen better.

And I half expected it to be powered by the vast majority of the human race.

It’s more than half of mine :confused:

This will be the new xBox in giving gaming nerds back injuries when they try to lift it.

I just want the case and power supply.
The rest of it can suck my dick for all I care.
AMD Dual core shouldn’t even be on the list at all.