Drew Barrymore, or not?

<a href=“http://pillowpalaces.greatnow.com/404.html”>Okay, so is this actually her, or not?</a>


No. More like Drew Barry404.

edit: Kraken beat me to it.

Thanks… fixed.


Uh, no?

Mebbes it’s a Firefox thing.

[tank edit] Aaaaand it’s not.

Yeah, your host doesn’t allow hotlinking.
Make a page that has the picture on it, and link to that.

Also, Greatnow reminds me a lot of 0catch (kinda creepy)

Why don’t people realize we have an “attachment” option at the bottom of the post creation page so that you can upload your little picture here and post it and not hotlink? I don’t know, is it THAT unnonticed?

I’m pretty sure the forum is set to not allow normal users to attach images to posts in the main forum Sin. Hell, I can’t even attach images here, it’s just you Mr. Admin.


Having copied and pasted the URL into a new window, I can honestly say: I don’t know what Drew Barrymore looks like to begin with.

:moogle: She looks like this in case you were wondering.

Um Mog is that really an apropriat picture?

:moogle: no but it was the only picture I had of her.

and I don’t think the picture that was posted (the Png) is her.

No, it’s not.

Also, drew barrymore is <b>not</b> hot enough to have a picture like that.

Steve: you might be amused to know that she posed in playboy.

You’re right, that does amuse me XD
It makes me want to point out that Anna Nicole Smith was also in playboy for-fucking-ever.
Hugh messes up occasionally, y’know? =\

God, has anyone seen ANS lately? Jesus x_x

Just a quick search revealed this: (hope CBS allows hotlinking)
<img src=“http://wwwimage.cbsnews.com/images/2004/02/20/image601338x.jpg”>

Uh. Riiiight.

No. Looks more like Claire Danes.

Wow. A mouth so huge it could swallow a cat <_<