Dressup time!

As TD so eloquently said:

[13:21] <Tenchimaru_Draconis> People who dress up their pets need to be dragged outside by government thugs and shot in the mouth


Dammit, that site was so fruity I only barely made it through the whole thing.

Never seen an embarassed cat till now, a lot of them all on that website. Cats are cute they don’t need to be wearing that crap. No animal should go through that abuse. Surprised some cats didn’t gouge their owners eyes out and shred their limbs off or we are not given that proof.

Although I remember my family putting some reindeer antler thing on an old dog we had, it had enough sense to take it off himself after a minute or two.

Reindeer antlers are bad enough; I’ve met people who dress their cats up. And when I point out that not onl;y is it pointless for cats to wear clothing, but that it may also cause a few health problems, they just glare at me, say something like how “I don’t understand how cats are like”, and walk off in a huff.

If it weren’t for my pacifistic nature,I’d beat them to a bloody pulp.

Did they even notice that all the cats on the main page, except the black and white one, look completely ridiculous and pissed?

Make them die. Those people scare me.

Dah. Those poor cats.

Eugh, poor things…

I love the captions on there- the cats are allegedly saying “do I look sexy” and “I feel like a princess” when in reality they’re thinking “if you don’t get this fucking thing off me in fifteen seconds flat, you are going to understand what pain is really all about. I hope you weren’t too attached to your jugular”.

If I saw a cat dressed like that, I would most likely crap myself with laughter. :-p

edit: by which I mean laughter at the poor, delusional owners. X-p

Poor cats.
They must be liberated!

…must not track down website owner and obliterate them…must not…

Spaz, the cat in your avatar looks like it’s plotting the destruction of mankind. :-/

Don’t all cats do that?

Anywho, I refer you all to this:

My cat’s a pixiebob, I think he’d kick my ass if I tried that on him.
Amusing strip, GG.

Humans are silly. They find this “need” to wear “clothes” and then try to “humanize” “lesser creatures” by making them wear “clothes.” …Fools.

erm… not all humans have that need, Nessa. :wink:

I couldn’t agree more, why people need to humanise animals is frankly beyond me, perhaps if they got out more and met some actual other humans, it would be less likely to happen. :-p

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> For a minute there, I thought Zero was asking everyone to wear a dress. Now that is about pets…I think it a stupid idea, as if Disney characters can get away with wearing no clothes, then animals can too…decides that everything he typed was stupid and dies

one thing i noticed while looking a the site. they have no disclamer stating that no animals were harmed/not harmed during this. i say we drop this in some one whos a professional at this cough PETA cough

just a thought

they would kill ( literally) something like this.

In the immortal words of Agent Smith, “Find them and destroy them!” <font size=-5>Oh, and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the notion of a post by Val containg the words "my pacifistic nature. :D</font>

Humans wearing clothes is okay, it’s for hygien and sometimes protection from the weather, but dressing animals is, as everybody said, ridiculous. However, people nowadays are rised in a world which teaches them that every living being is either food, plague or toys. Dogs and cats fall on the last category.