Dream Intuition - Is it real?

Can your dreams really send you accurate messages about your life? Have any of you experienced this before? Or misinterpreted what you thought was a message of some kind?

Sorry that this is coming out of left-field, but I’m interested in this shit.

I have dreams about being eaten by giant snakes and shit. And when I say giant, I mean the width of a city street.

You tell ME what those mean.




Hey, Mario dreamt about Sub-Con. Next thing he knew Bob-Ombs were in the next game! Not to mention Shyguys and Birdo popped up in every other spinoff.

From what I know, dreams basically are accumulations of your day in your subconscious and act as a <strike>hallucinogenic acid trip</strike> refresher, both in refreshing your mind and organising the day for you. I think it would be possible for aspects of your dreams to represent your conscious personality and self, but I wouldn’t look too far into it.

As for personal experiences, I found that if there was something on my mind it would show up in my dreams eventually in some form or the other. But for the most part, it’s unimportant information that you just happened to absorb and think about during the day.

As Gila explained, dreams are the result of synaptic trimming while in an altered state of consciousness. You’re essentially processing information while stoned out of your mind.

Considering that’s when my Gods, Loki and Freyja, speak to me: yes. Time is not as linear as one might think. It, like space, is a dimension. But that’s my religious side talking. Logically speaking, it’s an absurdity.

Nope. As an aside, in the last two or three years my dreams have gotten extremely lofty and ambitious. There’s generally a full storyline in there, and one that even makes sense in a dreamy sort of way (i.e. each individual bit makes sense, it’s only when they segue into a different bit that doesn’t). And very ornate environments. Maybe it’s all the RPGs, but I honestly never though I had a tenth of the creativity that goes into my dreams.

Very rarely will they ever star people in my actual life.

Stoned out of your mind is not how I would describe dreams at all.

I would.

My three most memorable dreams have involved:
A naga that threatened to beat me and my friend to death, unless we always spoke in rhymes and later she stole my shoes.
A group of “zombies” (not really, but everyone called them that) living in a trailer garage, and me getting the words “Fet Fest” (swedish for “Fat Party”) tanned onto my back with tape and a sun lamp after I turn into one too.
And a crazy B-Sci-fi plot that turned out to be me and my cousins over at our grandparents house, watching TV because the dream ended with me shutting off their TV and saying “that was the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen”.

If that’s not a result of “stoned out of your mind”, I don’t know what is. :stuck_out_tongue:

sigh I miss the days when I would dream about giant snake dragons crawling through the walls of an abandoned castle and then plunge into a pool of water, at the bottom of which a bunch of skeletons were dancing.

Nowadays I don’t even remember my dreams.

I find that when I wake up suddenly (hello, mr. alarm clock) I can remember my dreams.

I’ve had dreams where me and other people are somewhere, doing something, saying something, etc.

And then it’ll actually happen anywhere from the next day to the next year. Sometime’s it’s significant, other times it just gives me a cold gut-punch of deja-vu.

Of course, This coming from someone who had dreams in high school of Protoss invading a city with Carriers bearing down on us in a burning building, only to be saved by a massive 18-Wheeler Budweiser truck driven by my best bud whilst “Ride of the Valkeries” deafened the entire city enough where everyone had to stop and listen. After which he deployed his squad of viking midgit’s on flying four-wheelers and then we flew up into space and had a good ol’ time.

Hey, if I do drugs, can I re-live that? I want to make that shit happen again.

Yes, because brains are weird things.

Dreams may just be your brain sorting itself out at the end of the day, but there is insight to be gained from this process that the conscious mind might not first pick up on. Learning how to interpret your dreams (and I don’t mean by way of some shitty dream dictionary) can help you better understand yourself/other people/the world.

Dreams are the shit!

Though I occasionally have pretty decent dreams and all. Though most of them seem based of TV shows I’ve watched or something similar. Like one dream had me at a babysitter’s house and I was running from someone who had cloaking (like Predator). Messed up stuff. Others would have me running some crazy ass missions or running an army of my friends.

Whether or not they mean anything, it’s hard to tell. Though it sucks not to remember them…

I’ve had dreams where me and other people are somewhere, doing something, saying something, etc.

And then it’ll actually happen anywhere from the next day to the next year. Sometime’s it’s significant, other times it just gives me a cold gut-punch of deja-vu.

I’ve had this before too, and I know lots of people who have. I think scientists have come up with some bullshit reason for Deja Vu, though. But yeah, that’s originally what got me interested in dreams - I had one instance of Deja Vu where I consciously remembered having a dream of it a few weeks ago.

Sinistral: That may be true for some if not most dreams, but I seem to remember there’s also a theory amongst the scientific community that dreams serve some sort of learning purpose. We dream about situations we would like to master, or dream about the past, trying to learn about it. I definitely agree with Trillian’s assessment, though I also agree that some dreams really are just your brain making up a storyline for completely random images and recollections.

Freud says it means you want to have sex with your mother.

I have determined that whenever my pet chinchilla appears in my dreams it means I’m royally stressed in day to day life. Not that I didn’t know I was stressed already.

My dreams tend to be monochromatic or filtered by a soft-focused lens, presented in third person perspectives, tend to reveal important plot points, backstories, or of events that I should have no knowledge of to begin with, and may or may not be an encoded message from some imperiled individual seeking assistance by granting me superpowers they could have easily used themselves.

So no. I don’t think so (despite what my childhood friend/girl next door says).