dream cast for live action FFX movie

Robin Williams IS Cid :smiley:

Hugh Jackman would make a perfect Auron IMO, and the Cid/Robin Williams thing’s been done to death.

A younger Telly Savalas as Cid X? And for Cid IX in Oglop form, if you’ve ever seen Farscape, pay close attention to the character of Rygel. Just remove the chronic flatulence and you’re halfway there :slight_smile:

Brian Blessed as Heidegger from FFVII :smiley: Hard to believe that character wasn’t thought up with ol’ Bri in mind.

Hey…who you calling a dumb fangirl? snuggles her Tidus plushie giggles Nah I’m not mad at ya, honest! ^^ Tidus discussion makes me act all weird ^^ I just wuv him to pieces…

And to think…I adopted him on a mailing list too…so don’t freak if he pops in here once in a while…

oh poshushu


blinkies shuts up What have I started?

Damn…you got me…but I think Cloud looks kinda like Gackt in all the Advent Children shots of him I’ve seen…shrug

Gackt looks ugly in those first few shots. Ugh.

Gah… I imaganed Patrick Stewart, (Jean-Luc Picard, TNG) as Cyan’s V/O All the 'Thou’s heh.