dream cast for live action FFX movie

If there was ever a live action FFX movie, who would you have as the cast? I haven’t figured most of them out, BUT…

:hyperven: I think I found Tidus :slight_smile:

Picture from: Crimson Shadows

Eh, you could never find the right actor for a live action FF movie of any sort… not that you’d need to, computer-animation damn near looks just like live action, and you could hire actors on just their voices, and not have to go through the trouble of getting them to look like their characters. I wouldn’t bother with making an FFX movie at all really, unless it were a prequel about Braska’s pilgimage. That’d be pretty neat, have it computer-animated, and the original voice actors.

What’d be really neat is a FF6 [STRIKE]computer-animated[/STRIKE] (edit) I change my mind, anime movie/miniseries. Can’t you just imagine Mark Hamill as Kefka’s voice? :smiley:

Gackt for Squall <_<

I was thinking more like Gackt for CLOUD but Squall would work too ^_~

I think Gackt would work for any Final Fantasy effeminate anti-hero.

why is there mention of a Sega console in the FF forum? :wink:


Vince from FFVII- Michael McManus (Kai from Lexx… the two are effectively the same role anyway)

Kefka- Michael Jakson? ;-p Very little make-up needed there

… But… Meg Ryan would be a muuuuuch better Tidus, IMO >_>;

Gackt for CLOUD? Who are you KIDDING?


And if MJ were to play Kefka, he’d probably demand some sort of script change involving Gau… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I agree :slight_smile:

I also think . . .

is well matched by

If Brucie only had some more hair, that is XD

applaudes LunarCry XD Absolutely brilliant.

Ew, no way. I can see Hugh jackman or whatever his name was (played Wolverine) as Auron but Bruce Willis? He’s middle aged, divorced, and half bald. That’s not the type of older man younger girls want to see playing a heart throb (such as Johnny Depp). Please tell me that was a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

Auron’s a heartthrob? Wtf? o.O

I guess… if you’re into middle aged, drunk guys with big swords…

Auron is clearly middle-aged. He’s got gray hair, for goodness sake. I agree that Willis won’t work (he does need some hair), but Depp is way too young. I’m not as knowledgable about Hollywood as I once was, so I don’t know any people over 40 who are particularly badass. Well, white people over 40, there’s always Samuel L. Jackson. 8p

Yeah, from the impression that I got around sites, Auron was clearly the one that racked in all of the snakey fangirls, as opposed to Tidus, who got all the dumb ones.

Of course Auron is middle aged (35 I think?), but Depp is, what, 40 years old? I was only making an example of how they could cast good looking, older men that appealed to the younger femmes.

Depp might be 40, but he looks and acts much younger than his years… he has a rakish quality about him that goes against Auron’s seriousness.


Or at least, I think so.

That’s why I meant I was just using him as an example of why younger girls might take to him, I wasn’t suggesting him for Auron ^^ I haven’t even played the game, so I’m not familiar with his character.

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t Seymour have Christopher Walken eyes in some of the FMVs?

Oh, and of course, Mr. T for Barret. Well, if he didn’t have cancer.

Yeah, Barret was made a Mr. T. clone, but I think if someone were actually to play Barret then Michael Clarke Duncan (The big guy from The Green Mile) would make a better choice. Mr. T. is actually pretty short.