Dramatic/Heroic music...

So I’ve been listening to alot of amazon samples of music from movies like The Rock by Hans Zimmer.

Basically I’ve tracked down some songs I really want, but am looking for more of this style of music.
Go to the bottom and listen to the song “Rock House Jail” (track 2) for an example of EXACTLY what I’m looking for.

Harry Gregson Williams (Metal Gear Solid 2&3)
and Hans Zimmer (lots of stuff…)
type stuff.

The theme of “The Contender” was also among the songs I found if you’ve heard that.

Anyone know of more music which has this feeling to it or other artists to keep an ear out for?

~Edit: Added to this growing list, I’ve found the mp3s from Rainbow Six 3:Ravenshield (holy crap) you can get them for free from the official composer’s (Bill Brown) website: http://billbrownmusic.com/musicG1.htm

Heroic music?

Beethoven’s Third Symphony (Eroica) is the obvious answer, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

You know Rock house jail! You kick ass! :open_mouth: I love that song!

nod nod I’ve fell in love with scores like that lately and I need to have more! :slight_smile: