Dragons Revenge is here with a humorous joke

A baby seal walks into a club.

Thank you.

Ehhh… free post?

The poor seal.

Looks like some free posts shall be issued.

Free post?

Holy jesus. Enough with all the fucking random and pointless topics, they’re really annoying.

what the hell? I havent posted on this board in months. I just heard this joke, and decided to pass it along. Shit…

You would say that, you non seal-clubbing commie.

Is there a joke here that I’m too stupid to get or something?

The internal communist threat can no longer be ignored with Lanyx’s (or should I say COMRADE RAMZA-SKI!) declaration of socialist support. I suggest a full investigation by the staff, with a committe and seperate hearings by the admins, to document and erase this threat against our great site.

God bless RPGC.

Being from Wisconsin, I whole heartadly (sp) support a full investigation into the possible socialist connections within RPGC. Long live MacCarthyism!

I’ve changed my mind. This is the worst joke ever, as opposed to Cless’s “Couchetard” one.

I’m sorry if I can’t control my communistic ideas. I was born this way. : \

That’s disgusting.

Yayness!!! Free post foe meeee-e! Anyone think this thread will be closed anytime soon? I do!

Instead of whining about pointless topics you could… you know, shut the fuck up and go the fuck away.

Anyways, poor seal ;_;

It’s anyway. >.>

But yes, poor seal.


heh, I always get a small laugh at those jokes.

stupid seal. it shouldve seen the club and avoided it

Holy hell. Whoda thunk telling a joke would arouse so much controversy?

Its more got to do with the fact that the only reason i laughed is because of how bad it was.