Dragonmaw Server: RPGC Guild Charter

This is very important. Chuh has been working hard to get you guys to sign the RPGC guild charter, but somebody (I think Rudora, I don’t want to point fingers, but you’re the only person I know who has been joining other guilds, but I could be wrong) has either been joining another guild or signing another charter with the same name used to sign the RPGC Guild Charter. This causes the charter to go POOF when Chuh turns it in, surprise surprise. Since Chuh is having massive internet problems, I will now be starting the guild. Talk to Selenius or Urashah on the server to make sure you sign the charter. Even if you don’t play on this server, I would appreciate it if you would come on and at least just sign the charter. I want to get this charter up ASAP before we get the problem of someone signing two charters again. If you want to get my butt on WoW because I’m not on, message me on AIM at OtioseBeing or hit me up in the IRC channel, and if I’m home, I will hop on and take care of you.

I’ll sign on and make a character to sign the charter if you’d like.

Looks like I turned in just a few days early, the most recent patch says that bug was fixed.

No rush then I guess. I believe I only need one more signature now anyway.

Looks like the most recent patch also gave horde a recipe for raptor eggs. Like that stack of eggs I sold the day before the patch.