Looks exactly like Avril Lavinge. just thought you might like to know.

Ewwww… :confused:

Isn’t that defamation?

Its true, i’ll post pics tomorrow. too lazy now.

(10 charaters)

Are you sure that’s a compliment? I’m sure Nessa’s cuter.

Isn’t that an insult?

I could say many insulting things to this, but I wont.

Lav ;_;

I don’t think it’s a compliment. Personaly, I hate the bitch. (Avril, not Nessa.)

Why hate her? How could you hate someone that has zero impact on your life whatsoever? =p

I disagree.

So do I.

Avril has a few good songs, but I wouldn’t buy her CDs.

she’s not cuter, they look like they came from the same mold.

Lavigne is only 7 characters. >>;

(Yes, I know what you’re talking about)

Ouch. Poor dragonessa. That’s the worst insult of them all.


Actualyl, I would say that saying someone, in thsi case Dragonessa, is as smart as Bush would be the greatest insult of all.

Note: Infonick does not feel that Bush and Drahonessa are intellectual equals, Nessa, surpasses him a lot.

How about “almost as smart as Bush”?

I would have said that, but I don’t think that’s possible. Hell, all the person would have to say is “strategy” and the person has proved that he is smarter.

…I thought we were passed the “insulting Nessa” trend. >:\

The worst part is that isn’t the first time someone’s said that…


I don’t know if I’m going to send you the card I wrote in for you now.

God, Charle, I thought you had TASTE. At least a LITTLE.


Just because my computer’s dead doesn’t mean you get to slander my name like this.

Good lord.

goes to barf