Dragonball GT

the best anime cartoon show in 4 years

Well depends on which episode you are talking about and to what other shows you are comparing it to BTW-welcome to RPGC.
Personally I think Fooly Cooly was funny.

well im comparing it to most anime ive seen
akira, oh goddess, princess monenoke,

and GT as a whole.

its a great series.

GT felt like a rehashing of Dragonball with an even crappier story than Z’s tacked on for good measure, to me at least anyway.

Word. Although the last episode was pretty good.

I watched like…five minutes of GT before turning off the television. I just couldn’t watch it any longer.

ari pulls knife outaheart

GT was great
but Z was far better ill admit

Z beats gt.

Listen to me kyle, I’m Setz.

Thank you “Kyle” for your contibution to this thread.We hope to see you again in the future.

That still cracks me up every time.
But I do agree with Kyle on this one.Except for that episode whare he was stuck in some board game dimension or something.

GT…best anime…phhhht…ROFL.

That’s really what I’m doing.

Dragon Ball pwns both Z and GT. thankyavurrymuch Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.

And why would you want to be Setz?

It’s funnier when he does it, and even then I don’t laugh. You are a lot more easily amused than I. Probably because you’re more than 9 years younger than me.

No offense, Setz. I was just asking Simmerugh why he would want to be you(or anyone else for that matter.

Z wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t Dragon Ball. GT, however sucks as much as the Wayne’s World game for SMD/Genesis.

dragonball would have made a great and fun 26-52 episode anime series


Best anime?


Wow, you probably haven’t seen much anime then.

First off, Welcome. No cammy for you.

Second off, to claim that GT is better than any of Miyazaki’s masterpieces should surely curse you with a life time of pain matched only by the feeling of razors forcing thier way through your scrotum. But since you are new, I’ll forgive your uncultured opinion. For now.

GT fucking <i><b>SUCKS</i></b>. And coming from me, that says a hell of a lot.

Yeah, Cro’s like…obsessed with DBZ. If it’s DBZ and you can shrine it…he’s shrined it. So it’s official DB:GT is like the stain left in my underpants after a really wet fart.

Damn… I’m not sure how you do it, but you sem to keep finding ways for me to be simultaneously amused and disgusted. :smiley:

The reason Dragonball GT rules:

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/hiryuu/vegitastache.jpg”>

Although the only episode I’ve ever seen was the one with Vegita with a mustache, the fact that he grew one (albeit for a short time) instantly makes the show better than DBZ.

DBZ by far is better than DBGT. DBGT gets annoying mostly because of Pan. With the amount of training she’s had and the fact she’s angered easily I woulda figured she could go super saiyan by now, but that never happens. Also the fact that they’re made out to be weaker than you know they are. Overall, it’s a meh series.

Thank you.