Dragon Warrior VII (Unknown Shrine Tiny Medal)

I’ve been using the DW7 Shrine Tinal Medal page to get a few that I know I missed. There is one hidden in gravestone at the Unknown Shrine. I’ve been looking for it in my strategy guide, but I can’t find it. Educate a poor soul, and please let me know the location of the Unknown Shrine. Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance, I want to finish this game that will probably take 200 hours of my life away.

Its east of the Medal kings castle. Northeast of Hamelia.

Thanks, I got it.

No problem, Dragon Warrior 7 is my expertise.

Of course it is, you are one who made the shrine! Great job by the way, I can’t tell you how much it has helped.

I managed to get 100 Tiny Medals, so I can at least get into the bonus dungeons. I really don’t think God will be problem, as my main character can do about 2000 damage when gets Twin Hitted, Charged Up, and then Punches. I was able to get him to level 95 fighting in Krage Forest, levelling up my job skills. I have Aria as a mastered Budoo, Melvin as a Summoner, and Maribel as a mastered Woe Priest. Needless to say, it’ll take a God’s miracle (no pun intended) for anything to stop me. Now if I could scrap up five more Tiny Medals to get the Ultimate Whip…but I’m not going to bother trying to get the other town types. I’ve spent almost 175 hours on this game and I have Suikoden Tactics and Fire Emblem waiting to be played.

Sorry for the double post, but I thought it would be stupid to make another thread. I just finished the Aqua Charm portion of the Dark Palace and I thought the ? Shard there would be for the first bonus dungeon, but it wasn’t. I think I got all the ? Shards up until this point, but the puzzle doen’t look finished enough to need one piece. I’m talking about the tablet for the first bonus dungeon, the little one. The shards I have in it make it look halfway done on the left side. Is the last ? Shard you get from the well in the ending extra big, or am I missing a ? Shard. I spoke to the fortune teller at the Mech Base and she said something about people in a castle town celebrating. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. It was the ? Shard from the ghost kids in the Coral Cave that I needed.

The other one that you’ll need is when you defeat orgodemir and get back to estard you need to go into the town, go down the well where you found the pearl in the beginning, then you need to put in in the chest on the cliff and save (its on the way to the old man on the cliffs house). that should finish it all up.

Yep, I got that one too. I felt sorry for God, he had to endure 13 rounds of torture before he was defeated…:mwahaha:

It sucks that he makes you exit the dungeon so you have to go through it again to get all the ? Shards. Oh well, I’m getting good at casting Repel after it wears out. Thanks for your help Hellhawk.

Being at level 95 kinda does make him easy. I’ve beat him in less than 20 rounds nearly half the levels, I beat him in 19 rounds at level 50 before, but I never could do it again.

My main character, Xero, is at level 96 with all human classes mastered. The elemental spirits in the second bonus dungeon were wusses compared to God! I can now die happy know that that I’ve completed DW7 to my satisfaction in under 200 hours. Although I am one Tiny Medal away from the Ulitmate Whip grumble.

BIG sigh of relief

Suikoden Tactics here I come!