Dragon Warrior VII Coastal Casino (Lucky Panel)

I’ve been playing poker in the Coastal Casino, won 50,000 tokens, then turned it into a million by abusing the slots. However, I’ve neglected to play Lucky Panel.

Since I’ve gotten so many tokens, all my characters have Sacred Armor and MetlKing Helms. Is there any other useful equimpment to be won playing Lucky Panel? I really only care about equipment and weapons because I’m not bothering with monster hearts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Not that I can think of. There might be a few decent accessories but the weapons all suck (about the best one I recall seeing was a dragon sword) and I don’t recall there being any good shields. There’s nothing in lucky panel worth wasting time on besides hearts.

It’s not really worth it, trust me. The only place that I would even consider playing would be at the grand slum assuming you make it

That’s what I thought. I just wanted confirmation. Thanks!