Dragon Warrior IV

I know I have a reputation of dying by incredibly weak enemies, such as Mushbooms and Rollies, but is this worse? I need a tactic to stop this from happening. I died by a Slime about 10 minutes into DW4, but there was this rat-thingy with a slime in a single batte, and yes, I have beaten the game before…

Also, I need GameGenie cheats that allow you to win in one shot, gain 100000000000000000000 EXP, and infinite money and stuff, thanks.

The secret code for beating the slimes is to press the A button repeatedly. After you’ve pushed it enough times, you’ll win.

Well…er… thanks for stating the obvious.

You’re upset he made a joke post in a joke topic?

It’s not a joke.

Oh, it is. It is.

I’ll try and get a screenshot… if only my computer wasn’t crap.