Dragon Warrior 9

God I cannot wait until the next Dragon Warrior in the series comes out. The story to this game sounds promising, and the battle sequences look awesome.

I heard that you won’t be able to rename the hero in this one though. That doesn’t matter to me, because I am just in it for the story and characters. :hyperven:

Don’t you mean 8?

No sir, I mean Dragon Warrior 9, coming out for the PS2. Unless there was a miscount within Dragon Warriors. I only say 9, because it shows it in the Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks edition of Game Informer.

Game Informer ? Ain’t that the magazine that said Star Ocean 3’s music sucked ? If yes… then I’m not surprised with this mistake for Dragon Warrior 8. It’s Dragon Warrior 8, friend. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Reading Game Informer for upcoming games is like watching Fox for election news.

Or using Internet Explorer to surf the web.

But on another note, this is yet another excuse to buy a PStwo.

Why can’t Sqeenix port to other systems???

SHUT UP. I’m working my ass off to buy one, least they could do is keep all their good games in it!

I think the magazine your thinking of is playstation magazine. I know this because I am currently looking at it, and yep, it does say the music sucked.