Dragon Warrior 3

I started playing this one again recently, figuring that I’ll actually finish it this time. At one point, there’s a little town north of Jipang, called Muor. There’s a little kid who gives you a “water blaster” because the hero reminds him of “Papagaterro”, or something like that. What does the water blaster do, if anything?

It’s a joke item. You can use it when facing villagers (or even kings… >_>) to spray them with water, and they’ll react by yelling at you.

Speaking of weird items (and I know it’s not a DW3 question), what was the deal with the Gum Pod?

I’ve never found a practical use for that one. I always just sold it for the 1 GP.

Of all people, Sat, I hoped against hope that you would know! I’m crushed…

No purpose for it. I know in 4 if you tried to buy one of the items at the fox village in Taloon’s chapter you get a gum pod, other than that, nothin.

Umm, in DW3, once I’ve got the Stones of Sunlight and the Staff of Rain, how do I turn them into the Rainbow Drop. I’ve got the Sacred Amulet from Rubiss, too, and equipped it on the hero.