Dragon Quest X...

is for the Wii.

The ninth game isn’t even out yet and already they’re announcing #10.



(provided it turns out to be good)


Also, wow, this’ll boost the Wii sales in Japan. Not that they ever NEEDED boosting, but damn, Sony must be crying tears of blood right now.

Yeah I just read this. Square-Enix definitely made a good financial move - this is clearly for the bucks. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be awesome.

I just found this out through Wikipedia…crazy stuff right there.

Originally, I thought it was supposed to be something that connected with DQIX, but it appears that it’s now its own game. Still, I’m surprised they’ve announced this, considering IX isn’t even out yet.

Considering that the series is not known for it’s technical prowess (not counting VI and VIII of course), and the fact that Squeenix already has major games lined up for the other two consoles, this move makes a hell of a lot of sense. My only beef with this is the afore mentioned timing since I don’t recall any of the DQ games being announced prior to the previous iterations release.

Otherwise: :victoly::biggrin:

Edit: If RPGamer is to be believed then the announcement was a slip-up which explains the timing.

The reason is simple: SE has no other fucking choice. The xbox and the paystation aren’t selling in the Japan. AT ALL. I present you the top 5 paystation games in Japan and their numbers. It says it all.

* Metal Gear Solid 4 - 671,706
* Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds - 408,175
* Dynasty Warriors 6 - 371,443
* Dynasty Warriors: Gundam - 317,580
* Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 - 316,533 


All I can say is it better be longer than swords and you better be able to walk more than a preset path.

Are you sure that those numbers don’t indicate units sold? ‘units’ are a specific amount of copies sold, though I don’t remember how much. So, if MGS4 sold 671,706 units, it actually sold 671,706 x N amount of copies. If those numbers indicate units, then those numbers are actually not bad, especially considering MGS4 has only been out for half a year.

These are units sold total. These numbers are TERRIBLE. You need to take a few things in consideration when you look at sales. Firstly, MGS4 hitting the bargain bins of Japanese stores within a couple months of its release, which was shockingly fast. This makes sense because certain titles that appeal to certain crowds have the vast vast majority of their sales within a very short period of time. Everything that comes after is a trickle. MGS4 falls in that category. The games that don’t are things like Wiifit and Brain age. Not the same crowd at all.

Gears of War 2 sold 1.5 million copies alone in November in North America. That is a successful launch. GTAIV had a successful launch. MGS4 in NA I’m pretty sure had a successful launch. The Japanese sales numbers means pretty much no one had a successful launch and that the attachment rate for the PS3 in Japan is abysmally low.

Sorry if it seems like I’m picking on semantics here, but you used the word units again. Does your source say ‘copies’ or ‘units’, because the word ‘units’ definitely means more than one copy.

Its copies. And to reinforce my point, 476k were from the first week.

Wow, that IS pretty shitty.

I think Dragon Quest 10 was bound to be on either the Wii or DS, though. The game isn’t exactly a tech-heavy game, so it would be kind of superfluous to make it on the PS3 or XBox360, especially when the Wii is such a contender.

Its superfluous only if the Wii DQX can be technically equivalent to that of the PS2. I want voice acting, I want at least cel shaded graphics and I want an orchestrated soundtrack. Otherwise, its a downgrade.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be able to, but that’s just me. Personally, I’ve liked the more barebones Dragon Quests better. DQ8 was just too sloooooooow for me to really dig on.

The technical prowess and pacing of DQ8 are separate and independent issues.