Dragon Quest/Warrior confession

Hi, my name is Mabatsekker, from Finland, and I’m a first time caller, and I have never, ever played a Dragon Quest/Warrior game in my life outside #7, which I happened to lose interest in even before I got to my first battle. I trust the game has something grand to hide under the humble exterior, but anyways…

Ever since Square and Enix merged, one question started to make me wonder: What’s the scoop about Enix’ main cash cow? I hear it’s the Final Fantasy inspiration but we never got the series over here in Europe (or Finland, at least…), only stuff like Illusion of Gaia or Terranigma.

If I ever considered playing a game of the series, what should I start out with?

Dragon Quest is, unfortunately, not like a fine wine; it does not age well. If you didn’t play them when they were new, you need a very open mindset to enjoy them. That having been said, there are some exceptions to the rule.

If you’re trying to play the series now, and never played them in the past, I mainly suggest sticking with remakes as much as possible. Enix was known for constantly remaking the Dragon Quest series at every possible opportunity. For the first two games in the series, I’d reccommend the SFC or GBC versions. For DQ3, SFC (if it’s translated yet), or GBC (if it’s not). DQ4 was remade on PS1, but only in Japan. Thus, you should play it on NES. And I do mean that you <I>should</I> play it on NES, because it has one of the coolest villans of any RPG ever. DQ5 was on SFC and PS2 (again, only Japan), DQ6 is, thusfar, only on SFC, and 7 and 8 are PS1 and PS2, respectively.

As for which ones to actually start with, I’d reccomend 6 or 8. They’re the easiest to jump into if you’ve never played a game in the series before. Once you’re used to the play style, go for the first 4.

8 is excellent. As Saturn said, DW’s do not age well. I really liked 7, but man did it NOT age well. I never got myself to finish 6. The GBC DW1,2 and 3s are the ones to play. DO NOT play the NES ones. They are AWFUL in comparison. The graphics are blinding, the sound quality even lower and the difficulty (ie grind time) higher. The 3 are practically devoid of any story and are mainly battles and fetchquests strung into a game, as are many older RPGs of the genre.

Your copy must have been jinxed, same here.

I’d say 4.

8 is definitely the most accessible. If you don’t have a PS2, shoot for 6, like Saturn recommended. You’ll have to find a ROM and apply the (almost finished) translation patch.

I’d say start with 5 or 6 unless you’re really into the old nes type of rpgs and if thats the case I’d go with 4. If you move onto 7 and 8 after playing those you’ll be more familiar with some of the references and reoccuring characters. Damn shame we’ll never see those remixes…

Listen to Mr. Saturn! :slight_smile:

I’d say to begin with 3, just because. If not that, any of 4-6 seems fine. There’s a lot more story to each game the further in the series you go; that’s one point upon which I’m glad the developers improved. I really want to say 8 just because it’s now one of my favorite games, but I’m worried that the greatness of 8 might turn you off to the goodness of the others. :wink:

In response to Sin’s post, I just have to say that DQ7 aged so badly that it had aged badly before it was even released, and it is basically just as much a series of fetch quests strung into a game as DQ1-3. I got kind of sick of playing it at some point so I don’t know if that changes later in the game, but I doubt it. I guess its fetch quests are a little more interwoven than the ones in 1-3.

The story at the end of DQ7 is freaking amazing. Amongst my favorites of any game ever.

I’ll attest to the remakes. I tried to play the originals after trying out the GBC remakes, and it … didn’t quite work. (Apart from anything else, the dialogue in the original version of 3 wasn’t made for choosing a female main character; I did, however, like how the GBC version made fun of this.)

True dat grinding; After slimes slimes and a few red slimes, I got to level three and met nothing but slimes. Ooh, a skeleton draws near!

Maba did 5 damage


It ate me.

More grinding, I guess. That, or farm for enough cash so I’ll have a copper sword and a leather shield… which should also get me a level or two.

Oh yeah, I met ONE. ONE DRAKEE on while walking around. It didn’t eat me alive.

** Nuking Scorpions, Magicians and Magidrakees with Hurt/Firebal outside Kol, I kinda see why TD thinks Mages are fun, but I like fighter-mages more… ~~ **

You shouldn’t be anywhere near Skeletons at that level. At lv 3 or 4, try moving northwest from Tantegel (the first town) until you see Garinham. The monsters out there should keep you going until you learn the SLEEP spell. That spell should help you with aforementioned Skeletons.