Dragon Quest VI DS

After a lot of silence on the last DQ game to not be release in North America, we finally get some info on its inevitable DS remake.

I remember reading a lot of theories saying that the reason it was taking so long was because they were going to make it more resemble the graphical engine of DQIX instead of the first two DS remakes.

Guess what, they’re not.

It pretty much looks like the other two. Which is fine, they were good-looking games.

I’m looking forward to this. I played through the almost-translated rom a few years back, and it’s a good game, even if the story isn’t as good as V’s was. The job system more or less is the same one they used in VII, which we DID get, but unlike VII it’s not bogged down with a lot of useless classes and lots of grinding.

No word on release dates or whatever, unless you can read the moonspeak on that page. But I imagine we’ll get it in due time.

… and here I was, hoping for you to post a release date. sigh Of course I’m buying this one too.

I mentioned this to a friend who adores Dragon Quest. She practically jumped me and threatened my life if I didn’t tell her more. Apparently this is one of her favorite games of all time. So, be glad to know you made one lonely little nerdling’s day, Spoony.

Happy to oblige. Tell her she has good taste (though I kinda like V more).

I figured that the reason they didn’t have anything for so long was because they were working on the other remakes and IX (that, and some other game I think…not sure). My inital thought on some screenshots I saw a few days earlier had me thinking they were going for a straight port, but it’s nice to see they’re using the same style & system from the previous two remakes (I guess, though VI was a pretty good looking game back in the day).

I wouldn’t mind if they put VII on the DS, so I would actually play it.

Edit: Translating the page, it just explains the mechanics, the characters, battle system, graphics system, and stuff. Hopefully, they’ll add some extra stuff in the game.

Its most likely that it took long as it did due to the fact that they were actually remaking the game rather than porting the PS2 remake (but that’s due to the fact that there is no PS2 remake).

DQ IV was supposed to come out before DQIX in Japan as well. I never heard any plans it was supposed to be any different.

DQVI is taking a long time because the game is so massive. I think Kagon’s DQVI shrine is the only one in RPGC that’s bigger than my Lufia 2 shrine. Its a lot of work and SE has conclusively demonstrated how inefficient they are with their management of the DQs and the FFs.

DQVII is a little controversial because of how massive it is, but I would like to actually play it again (surprisingly). I don’t anticipate it coming on the DS though because of how massive it is. I’m not sure it would fit on the DS carts and SE has previously shown their reluctance to release titles that required larger carts stateside.

Another part of the controversy with DQVII is the unevenness of the game. The start is glacially slow and uneventful and certain portions will seriously fuck you over if you weren’t careful about your preparation (almost to the level of FFT’s Riovanes Castle fuckery).

And yes DQVII is HUGE. Not just in character classes or side quests, but also in the fact that it was the first game in the series to offer party talk (which probably increased the size of the script tenfold). I’d be a massive undertaking to fit all that on the PSP nevermind the DS.

Of course the other reason why I hate DQVII is due to the volatility of PSX memory cards. I would have beaten it already if it weren’t for the fact that my card was formatted so that my brother could create a save file for that Inuyasha fighting game (I believe I lost my FFIX file in that mess too but I had the fortune of beating it beforehand, although Ozma managed to escape defeat).

Back to the subject of DQVI, and speaking of party talk, I really hope that we get it this time. Although unlike DQIV I’ll still get this game even without it since I don’t already have a recently beaten version of this game.

I can’t believe you just said that. :smiley:

I never thought about Lufia as that big a game, but all these small things really add up.

As for DQVI, bring it on! I once tried the rom, but I wasn’t into DQ back then and probably didn’t go far beyond the introduction.

I can’t see myself ever replaying DQVII… but who knows? Maybe porting it to a portable system might make me change my mind. The proper adjustments might make it more palatable, but right now it’s as likely to get replayed as Xenogears.

Also, interesting fact about DQVI is that the children from the first Dragon Quest Monsters game, Terry and ‘Milayou’ (or however it was spelled) are party members from DQVI. They’re much older in DQVI, of course, but they’re the same ones as in DQM. So while DQVI is the last game of the main series to not make it here yet, two of the cast members of the game have. Funny that.

Funny you should say that as I’m replaying DQVII right now. Of course I’m not doing this other than to finally and at long last beat this bastard of a game (well that and also because the LP that I’ve been following for the last couple of months has rolled into the second disk and I want to beat it before said LP starts covering territory that I haven’t).


Let’s Play, Something Awful.

Here’s some video of it at the Tokyo Game Show:

Also shows the remade sprites, which look pretty good. Game looks amazing from what they show in the video.

Let’s Play I recognise, yep.

Been looking forward to this ever since Square Enix announced they’d be bringing all 3 to the DS…

Played the rom in japanese back in the day, used the shrine here to help get through it actually. It became one of my favorite RPGs and got me into the Dragon Quest franchise, still may very well be my favorite traditional JRPG.

Trailers up on the main site (japanese), btw.

The site’s up for real now, with a really nice wallpaper to boot.

http://www.square-enix.co.jp/dragonquest/4to6/dsdq6/index.html (it’s going to resize your browser window a bit)

It’s barebones for now, but the character art is up, which is really nice. I imagine a lot will be updated over the course of December.

Japan release date is 1/28/10.