Dragon Quest...I've seen the light!

I just wanna say the Tower of Mirrors was a real pain in the ass! Goddam Shadow Birds! :evil:

Isn’t DQ the most popular game [or RPG] series in Japan?

As in even more than FFs.

Guys…can someone tell me what the deal is with this DQ VI patch? To my knowledge I have patch 0.40 and so far only about 60-65% of the dialog has been translated! Now, I have just returned to castle Reidock with the MIrror of Ra like the Castle General asked me to do and NONE of the dialog during this important cut scene about my return is translated!!! It’s all blank! Can edrick or someone else please address this issue? Is there a more recent patch say, after 0.40 that maybe I need to get? I was led to believe that a 90% English translation was accurate and that only a couple of towns (Lifecod) were unstranslated. This has not been the case. Several characters are just untranslated blanks!

Please help…I am really getting into the game!

FYI…I’m using the latest ZSNES WIP.

If I had to guess, you need a different patch. I can’t recall the specific version number on the patch I used, but if the dialogue in a plot scene is untranslated, then something’s wrong. Especially that early. Look around for a different one…

Just got the NoProgress version from Geocities…YESSS!!! This looks like it could be right one!!! What happened was I went directly to DeJap’s site and downloaded the 33% patched ROM released on 11/20/2000, thinking it was the 90% complete one. But lemme get this straight…DeJap and NoProgress are two different fan translators? And that there does not exist a 90% version from DeJap?

Oh well, said scene is now translated and I’m stoked! I also noticed the better grammer in battles and even the font is much better! Thanks guys. Back to playing!
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They’re two completely different fan translating groups, and NoProgress is the patch you want. So you’re on the right track again.

Have fun.

Anyone seen the new DQ 8 commercial?

DQ VIII Commercial*

Dragon Warrior is cool, but I’d always get lost, and forget what I had to do next about half way through the game, since I’d take a break for a month or so

Personally, I’d recommend you play DQ1&2r for the SNES (fully fan-translated). They’re smoother than their NES predecessors. Plus, I just always liked the Erdrick/Roto arc.

Dragon Warrior games have some very good aspects to them that they could actually have better things to do in than Final Fantasy games perhaps? I mean take mini games for example :hyperven:

And I hafta say that this sets the record for necroposting, as far as I’ve seen.

any word on whether enix will bring out DQ Vr to the US?

Heh, it got worse. And there’s even some threads with a TWO YEAR span between posts.

Seriously, what is it with you people? Do you leave hanging a conversation about what you did on Saturday, and then come two years after and just pick up where you left without any warning? And how is it that you even find these threads? This damn thing has to go back about a hundred pages, did you actually search for “REALLY FUCKING OLD” in order to post in it? Are you compelled forward by some mysterious unseen force? Are you an alien studying human behavior? Did a wizard order you to do it? What?

EDIT: BTW, I haven’t heard of any release dates yet. Is the damn thing ever coming over anyway?

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