Dragon Quest...I've seen the light!

Hello fellow RPGers. Nice to meet you! I’d like to start off by saying that I have only play a handful of RPGs in my life:

Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy VI
Breath of Fire II
Secret of Evermore
Lufia II
Star Ocean
Tales of Phantasia
Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star IV

…and now, finally, my first Dragon Quest game, Dragon Quest V, for the Super Famicom. I just completed it yesterday. Man, I’m at a lost for words. This was one of the most kick ass rpgs I’ve played in a long while. Yes, there were a few annoyances here and there, but my God, what a story! And the monster recruiting system is just too much fun(props to my homeboy Curie for your excellent healing abilities. Wouldn’t have made it without ya! ^-^). Other posters on various other forums were right on the money about this series being impressive, yet very traditional and straightforward but you know what? I loved it anyway!

The story wasn’t super duper epic and over the top but it was told in such an entertaining fashion that I couldn’t wait to see how it wrapped up and how the hero would go about finding his mother. I ended up marrying Bianca because she kicked so much ass and I really enjoyed her cuteness and lightheartedness at the beginning when she saved little Borongo :slight_smile:

The battle interface was simple but I didn’t mind and though the battle frequency was pretty high, it help my party in a big way leveling up to where I needed to be towards the end. Not a particularly difficult RPG, 'cept for Bruon and Esturk(bonus dungeon). Man those guy were tough. Mildrath was kinda easy, though I admit I used the “Terrific Slash” trick with the hero. For the record, beat it with my hero being at level 62, while the kids and a couple other monsters I used often were right around level 45-50.

Graphics didn’t bother me at all after a while, though I admit I did think to myself “Man, I can’t for the eye candy in DQ VI”.

Anyway this game was fantastic and definitely worth playing. I was absolutely hooked for the 10 days or so I played it.

Well, now I am here to ask you for recommendations on which DQ game I should go for next. Unless you recommend otherwise, I am considering moving on to VI. I’m trying to keep my expectations low but it’s going to be difficult after reading so many good things about it. I did briefly fire up the import version of DQ III Remix for the GBC(I don’t have an English copy yet). I dunno…not sure I can deal with such a limted color pallette on a big screen TV…but then the discovery of the lack of backgrounds upon entering into a quick battle really really turned me off. Not to mention I’m not sure I can go without monster recruiting anymore…it was just so much fun. So am I right in assuming part V and upwards have monster recruiting but none of the games previous to that(including remixes) have them? Oh well, VI and VII should keep me busy for awhile. Perhaps I’ll jump into I&II Remix after I play those…what do you think? shrug

…nice to meet you. Now, I must teach you the truth: Dragon Warrior sucks.

Actually, it doesn’t suck. Stop trolling Gallo.

VI is an absolutely excellent game, and I loved VII. I’d recommend doing VII last, as it’ll eat up over 100 hours of your time. If you like how VI is, you’ll love VII. It improves on the job system that VI built.

Hooray, another Dragon Quest fan!

I think that the games in the series became better successively, so if you do go back and play the earlier games and find they’re not up with the later ones, keep in mind that they’re the early ones, lol. VI was a wonderful game - I liked the distinct characters, and the job system was fun as well. Visually I thought it was fun as well. I’m currently playing VII, and I’m at the point where I could go and finish the game, but I’m not even close because of the other things I want to do first. Kagon’s very right there.

By the way, Kagon, where’s my Tiny Medal list? =)

I loved DW7, it had some awesome lines. Its not a serious RPG, but it has some heart and its impressive to see something last like it did.

It’s um… right… over there… points behind Vicki and runs away

I love the DQ games as well. I played VI right after V and I loved both, as could be deduced from my first sentence. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have much to add to what Vicki said anyway. I’d recommend trying IV, if you want to try something older. The different scenarios make up for the poor graphics quality. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure about the monster recruiting as I haven’t played ALL the previous games in the series including remixes, but there probably is someone here who did that won’t be turned off by your long post and will actually read it completely. :stuck_out_tongue:

DW7 is the game that took (will take) me the longest period of time to complete ever. I began playing on December 13th 2002 and I still am. :stuck_out_tongue: I have 60 or so hours completed. I don’t have much time to invest in such a game anymore, so be prepared to spend days and nights on it, kinda like what Kagon said. :stuck_out_tongue:

You ought to give some other titles in the Tales series a go!!

Eternia for example [or Destiny 2].

Also how about Star Ocean’s sequal?

Thanks for the replies.

I’m definitely going to get to those! One game at a time though :wink: Looks like VI is the way to go. I just hope the last 10% or so of DeJap’s untranslated text won’t hinder the story or progression in any way. Plus from what I’ve read, there some kinda nasty bug involving the menu screen?

My personal favourite was Dragon Warrior III. The GBC remake is pretty cool, too. DWVII was a close second. I’ve played DW1 and 2, and 1 was really neat on the NES, but 2 didn’t really do it for me. Ah well… try DW3 if you get a chance.

My favorite one that I’ve beaten is 3, followed by 5. (I’ve only also beaten 1 and 2. :D)

I was never a huge fan of the series, but I quite loved the Dragon Warrior Monsters games.

Sure, they were Pokemon knockoffs, but damned if they weren’t good ones.

I’ve played VI almost all the way through. It’s a very good game indeed. I have VI sitting on my shelf of backlog. God, I have too many games to play and more coming. WILL THE MADNESS EVER END…!

Actually, the patch was done by NoProgress, but he disappeared sadly. The last 10% of untranslated text is going back to the first few cities and trying to talk to people at the end of the game. They just say garble, so the game is completely beatable, and all the plot-related dialogue is translated.

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The Dragon Quest/Warrior games are great. I’m still miffed at the fact it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting the PS2 remake of Dragon Quest V.

Dragon Quest VI is really good, it also has a monster-catching system like V did. (I believe Dragon Quest V predates Pokemon, it wouldn’t be the first idea that was stolen from Enix) Though V and VI are the only ones with Monster-catching themes. However I’d say you might enjoy Dragon Warrior Monsters if you like monster catching and Dragon Warrior.

Dragon Warrior VII is a swell game, that eats up a LOT of your time, I clocked 120 hours on it, personally. People bitch about it’s graphics, since it was released at the end of the PSX’s life, and has graphics like first-gen PSX games, but looking past that it has an excellent system, complexity, optional stuff, and a fun story.

Speaking of DW, it seems there’s no sign of Dragon Quest VIII at E3, that’s disappointing…

I still haven’t finished DW7 and I think I’m at the 100 hour mark… <.<; That game was alot of fun… though levelling up classes was horribly tedious. @_@

I always wanted to own VP too. Except it’s pretty expensive as these things go.

Kagon…I’m sincerely hope you’re right. I am about 8hrs into it. I’ve just returned to Reidock Castle from San Marino in the Phantom World(they all think I’m the Prince that ran away HA HA!). I’m liking the game a lot, the plot is still somewhat confusing and spotty(just who is the Hero?).

Anyway haven’t experienced any bugs or crashes, but man…there has been a quite a few characters with untranslated dialog so far. I mean, it’s more than what I had expected. Not really complaining, but it just caught me by surprise a bit. I hope Kagon’s assesment regarding it being only the first few cities as well as dialog that’s relatively unimportant is correct. Then there’s the fact that my “Identify” spell doesn’t explain or describe what my items are, just how much they’d sell for. I do however, appreciate the VERY good feature they’ve added to the inventory and that is an extra bag! Man, talk about feeling cramped in part V becuase of lack space. Now this bag gives me the opportunity to carry as much of one item as possible. Great idea!

So far it’s a cool game, and I’m digging the graphics big time(gotta love that FF VI engine). But I gotta admit part V had a more story friendly beginning, with the introduction to Papas and the birth of the hero. That was just so charming, and it effortlessly got me into the story. In this one, I’m finding myself putting in a bit more effort trying to comprehend and follow what exactly is going on with the story.

Oh well, I’m sure it it’ll all click as I continue to play.

Even worse than leveling classes is the immigrant town - I need some damn prisoners or sailors for my Slum, and they just won’t generate! I also haven’t even done a thing with monster classes…=(