Dragon quest 5


I’m at mildrath and the first time I fought him i defeated his first form pretty easy but his second form whooped my ass. Any suggestions on what level I should be at and how I should level up

For the most part, my levels were around 50- it’s a bit excessive, and you don’t need to be that high to beat him. I’d say low 40’s could do it, and I leveled on Metababbles since they were fast exp. Strategy is important in this battle- make sure you can cast Bikill and HealUsAll a lot- it makes things so much easier. Just get some monsters which can do it for you (Centarus and King Healer/Healer/Curer work nicely). Make sure to keep Barrier, Increase, and Bikill up at all times and recast as needed when he uses Freezing Rays. He’s got 4500 Hp, and it really isn’t too hard provided you’re decently leveled and have the proper spells.

I think all of my characters are human at about level 37 with a slime knight maybe i should do some changing. I always have trouble recruiting monsters is there any kind of trick to it.

Well, make sure to have the monster you want to recruit be killed last. If you want a really cheap trick to getting monsters, look here:


I honestly wouldn’t recommend doing it since it takes out a lot of fun from the game since you’ll be both slaughtering everything and have no challenge getting monsters. Of course, removing said items from those positions will turn the trick off but still.

It really just takes time.

Thanks I don’t get around to playing it very often but when I do i’ll probably use taht trick to help level up because i don’t like to take my time.

Ah alright. Yeah, that’d help speed the game along quite nicely, though I’d say keep a legit save in case you want to try it normally later which I strongly recommend =P