Dragon dreams (and so on).

A few days ago Rast said in his thread how he likes to dream about dragons. Well, so do I. In fact, I’m very fond of nearly all my dreams with fantasy elements. We’ve done this before, so let’s do it again - post your favorite fantastic dreams. Here’s one:

My last dream involving a dragon was the most memorable one of the type for me yet. It was a dream in which there had been a lot of fantasy things - a daylight scene with a lot of pyramids, a cabin up on a cliff grown out of a tree, evading the authorities around town (for doing something wrong, I guess) by jumping over houses (which all had forges in them, red hot), running with no end to endurance up a ski slope (in the spring, with everything green) under a full moon, and stepping lightly through what I knew as a cursed Indian burial ground at the top. Running along the cliff that same dream-night just as the sky lightened to that odd not-quite-night shadow you get before dawn, then jumping off a cliff into a deep canyon. On the way down I (everything before had been done as me, myself, my own real body) faded out of a human body and became a dragon made up of sapphire energy of some sort, not quite electric, not quite watery, if that’s any description. It was a magnificent beast, a blend between Western and Eastern styles - long, sinuous body like a Chinese dragon, but with legs and wings like the Western type. I flew through the canyon at a high speed. Don’t remember the dream after that.

Not bad, eh?

My dreams compleatly lack picturesque landscapes. They’re all about people, not the things around them: It’s sad really, despite of interesting people are.

I have my room full of dragon posters, though, does that count for something?

Hmm, favorite fantastic dream. Well, I guess my favorite one would be the one where I was Wonder Woman, and I been thrust into the Zone of Absolute (it actually came to me in that dream, whoo), and ended up fighting a buncha freaky mushroom monsters, which atacked me with fire, until near the end, when I came face to face with Swallow, a creature that was actually created by my sister from a dream of her own. Long story short, I blew up the world! =D

My fantastic dreams look like the Matrix, just with magic instead of computer stuff. And I’ve been having them since years before Matrix was released.

I have dreams about dragons too. In all my fantasy dreams I can fly, or at least leap to very high places.

I had this one dream where my school was Balamb Garden from FF8 and there was a dragon in one section of the school and we were forced to evacuate cuz it was about to explode, (yes a dragon explode) and I was one of the ones who was sent to destroy it before it destroyed itself and killed everyone. I was a good swordswoman, yes.

Others include me being an elf with wings trying to find the murderers who live in clouds who have kidnapped my grandmother…

I also had a dream where my online Swedish friend Diana and I were on the run from the Men In Black…weird.

All of the dreams I like and can remember involve swords, magic, and explosions. That’s good enough for me.

You can equally split my dreams into three types: Dragon, human, and halfling. Sometimes human has wings for no reason. Flight calls to me, I guess. Heh.
All the draconic dreams are great [I can feel my wing/tail muscles move, the glands contract while breathing fire…] except the fact there’s someone trying to hunt me a lot… I never know why. The same problem occurs less often in halfling, but still there.

And I think the most interesting dream I’ve had lately was the island dream. On it, everyone had white feathery wings. Me and a few things were there, exploring. The people were split up into little groups across the island, ignoring the others to focus on their own goals. One had a giant library, and did nothing but study the histories and write stories. Another studied the stars and tried to predict the future. A third spent it’s time trying to devise new technologies to get off the island. Another I visited was trying to built the best amusement park ever, and currently were on the verge of perfecting the giant reversable slide [words don’t do it justice, but it was great XD]
While I was wandering, I got split up from my friends, then flew up to look for them. In mid-air, I felt something weird, then turned. One of my feathery wings had changed to my standard draconic one, and it unbalanced me… almost hit the ground before I figured out how to fly. But I found the others, and we went exploring again, but I woke up. Sigh =[

Originally posted by Evangelion
band we were forced to evacuate cuz it was about to explode, (yes a dragon explode)(…)[/b]

That’s gotta be one of the most creative dreams I’ve ever seen. I wish I had such a dream…

It didn’t feel creative at the time…I was torn between getting the hell out of there or standing up and dismantling the thing:get it?:

I don’t dream. I used to dream. I haven’t dreamed in years. I did used to have a dream about a big, floating, omnipotent, blue head. And that was before Power Rangers first came out. But no such dream in years.