Dragon Ball GT.

I saw the first episode of Dragon Ball GT tonight at YTV, and I must say, it’s rather good.

Better than DBZ in any cases, much better. There seems to have an half-decent plot going on this time, and by what I heard, it’s not as focused on SUPA MIGHTY POWERLEVEL CONTESTS than DBZ was.

I’ll see in due time, that was just the first episode after all.

And Roshi’s even more perverted than ever.

Yeah, the battles don’t span over 3-5 eps. They’ll actually try and get one round of a fight done in one ep. Baby saga is pretty good too.

Ah damn I didn’t know they were showing it on YTV. I’ll have to check it out, GT seemed so much more “above” DBZ from what I have heard (from a Dragon Ball fanboy)

Strange, me and my friends didn’t like GT, anywhere near as much as Z. I’ll admit that GT has a few good points (can’t really think of them right now), but I guess Z just had more (for us that is).

Just out of curiosity, does YTV use the FUNi dub, or did it get the first fifteen episodes that FUNi cut out?

And GT was okay, but nowhere near as good as Z. The problem is mostly that DBZ may not have had a stellar plot, but GT barely seems to have one at times, especially during the last fifteen or so episodes. And the show ends up with a massive power battle, sadly. The best episodes I’ve seen so far, though, are episodes 40 and 65 (the final one), for the simple fact that they actually made me cry a bit, especially 40.

I hated GT.

Too lazy to type the reasons.

i rather like gt,it certainly has more colour and much better artists than the origional dragon ball had,as well as more details than dbz had.although it does seem to have the smae sort of story line.eath’s in danger impossible task to complete.but now that goku is a kid again does that mean his tail will grow back like it used to when he was a kid?

Eventually, but it isn’t actually grown. You’ll see.

His tail kinda comes back, he then goes Golden Oozaru, SSJ 4 and lays the smackdown on Bebi Vegeta

DbGT was my least fav of the three, basically cause I started to find Pan really annoying. (it could also be that I had no idea what was going on since I was watching it in Spanish and I don’t speak a word of it). The storyline was okay and the animation was pretty good, but I didn’t really like what they did to some of the characters.

what chanel do you guys get it on that you have more than the first episode of it?

I was watching it on the international channel. It was in japanese but Goku was a kid, and then android 17(?) came back and killed Dr. Gero. I’m not sure what was really going on but I guess it was kind of cool. Was that little girl Pan or something?

you’d think they would put subtitles on for people who can’t speak japanese.

You could say that toonami turned me off of dbz and stuff about a year ago when all they did was show reruns and crap like that. I hate that show and I wouldn’t go near DBGT with a 20-foot pole.

Originally posted by kada
you’d think they would put subtitles on for people who can’t speak japanese.

Originally posted by Amerycinsycho
I was watching it on the international channel.

And yeah it was Pan, Gohan and Videl’s daughter. 17 is back as Super 17 (think he’s still a villain) woot.

Yeah ‘Android 17’ is back, and becomes ‘Super 17’, by merging with ‘Artificial 17’. And he is still evil, but he does look cooler as ‘Super 17’, which I guess is one bonus.

GT is allright i guess… Li shenron is kinda cool

In my opinion, Z is better than GT. Some of GT’s episodes are rather…childish… I think.

Aw crap… I didn’t know YTV started playing GT already…

I saw the firsts dvd of GT but was dissapointed!

Why did they skip so many episodes?:kissy:

Z is much better then gt

have any one seen the db episodes on toonami?

There really sweet:runaway: