Dragon Age: Origins

Whose excited? I’m excited.

I’ve been waiting for this game since the summer. It’s Bioware, the guys that did Knights of the Old Republic, Baldurs Gate and Mass Effect. A good solid party based 3D hack-n-slash ala Diablo. It’s gonna be sweet.

From what I’ve read and seen, it looks damn good. Got the character creator sometime back, and messed with it, so my laptop can run it at least. I’m very tempted to get it and/or Borderlands.

My computer weeps in fear at this and any other PC game released in the past generation. Just trying to play the first chapter of Tales of Monkey Island is far too much for my dinky computer (just as much as the laggy mess is too much for me to endure).

Otherwise I might actually be interested in this game. At least there’s five years from now when I will hopefully have a computer technologically advanced enough to play this (hopefully).

its not a pc only release btw.

I know that but usually the PC version tends to have bells and whistles that other versions don’t (plus online support).

No matter which way I slice it though I’m going to need a new system to have any hope of playing this. Of course I could settle on a PS3 now that there’s some games on the PS3 that I want (and its cheap enough now for me to consider it not prohibitively expensive outright).

The games interesting enough so far. I haven’t gotten through my origin yet (Human Warrior, Sword and Shield) but the only thing I’m grappling with is the “gambit” system of instead of button mashing, you target something and hit A and your character moves into position to attack. I’m missing a lot, which sucks, but it’s not so bad. And targeting isn’t so easy. I’m not sure if you can cycle through targets or if you just look at someone or what, but it’s a little tedious.

Skill mapping works a lot like Fable (oh, yeah, I’m playing this on the 360) in that you map skills to X, Y and B and can cycle through prearranged groups.

the party system is something I’m not too familiar with. It appears you can recruit just about anybody really. You set gambits, or combat tactics, so that they do what you want them too. My problem so far is keeping an eye on said party members. I’m focusing on what I’m doing and not watching to see whats effective and whats not in regards to my group. I’'m just starting to tinker with this though so I’m sure I’ll pick it up.

I was a little disappointed with the character origin selections. I was under the assumption every combination of class and race had a unique origin. I was wrong - there’s only one available for Humans, regardless of what your class is. Dwarves and Elves, however have two origins apiece for all their classes. Dwarves, however, have “a resistance to magic” and are unavailable as mages. All the races have certain base stats that are influenced by your class pick.

Not much to the story yet. The intro talks about the origin of the darkspawn as people, or something. The Grey Wardens vanquished them long ago but they have returned, and threaten everything and everyone. In the Human origin, your family is deceived by an ally and when your troops are lured away he attacks you in the night.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.

I heard the console version has a lot more focus on action than the pc version and that the pc version has better combat and graphics than the console version. Do you guys agree with that?

Having only seen the console version in action, the graphics are good but not the best. From what I’ve read theres more of a tactical twist to the game on PC while I in general have a hard time issuing specific orders. I’ve taken to having a gambit slot for most, if not all, situations that affect each character the worst.

For those curious, I started over. Given that there are different origins for each class and race it wasn’t that tedious. Having looked at all the skill trees now I have to say that the warrior is perhaps the hardest character to construct. I only got to level 8 or 9 but I found myself putting all these points into skills that were kind of useless. Like Taunts and Poison making… I just didn’t see much room for those in my build but here I am witout anything better. I ended up with a hodge podge. I tried the Mage, which is probably the easiest given the power of the spells and the variety. In Diablo II terms the Dragon Age Mage charcter is a cross between the Necromancer, Sorcereress and the Druid in that mages can control the dead cast curses or “glyphs” (stationary area effect spells that dispel buffs, cancel magic usage ect), resurrect the dead, poison an enemies brain and make him explode upon death (lololol), heal, buff, summon creatures… He’s pretty fucking sweet.

Linear fighters, Exponential (explosive) Mages and ??? rogues?

Still two weeks to decide whether I pick up the console version or not; Got Mass Effect to keep me entertainment. Sheesh, last three games I picked up just because they were on a -10-50% sale… but that’s the life of being a student/always being after a deal… but they all were entertaining games! 70€ for brand new PS3 game is a slight turnoff.

Now I really want this game and to make a mage. Just to cause apparent chaos or something along those lines with exploding enemies and raising the dead.

I’ve heard statements to the effect that this is an ugly game with outdated graphics. Thoughts?

Uhm… it’s certainly not the prettiest game I’ve seen lately (re: Fallout 3). But I think we can all agree that none of us have seen a truley ugly game in years. Outdated sounds like an appropriate adjective though. It runs smooth however, and when there’s an army of evil on your screen pretty doesn’t run so well. So sure, while it may not look as good as other games this generation it certainly plays better than a whole fucking truckload of them so… there. Could it look better? Can’t fight you on this, I gotta say it could probably look better and still play just as well.

Edit: Ultratech, not only can you summon creatures, theres a shapeshift specialization where you become creatures.

Double post.

This games fucking hard. I die at least 6 or 7 times every time I sit down and play. In general I have trouble getting my characters to work together to handle mobs. I mean, it works ok, but I still die like, a ton. Anybody with expereince with a system like this have any suggestions? It’s kind of like the Gambit system in FF12.

Triple post?

Graphics haven’t been a problem. I think it’s just that you’re wearing shit armor in the beginning. The pretty stuff doesn’t come til later.

Does it mean the graphics are too descriptive for their own good?

Like most games these days, the best graphics are reserved for character close ups (most interactions) and the playable characters. In this regard, the graphics look great. The graphics fall off a bit in the world around you, textures are a little unclear and so forth. Overall, the graphics are totally not an issue. I’m finally starting to get the hang of the combat system, and I think I’m about halfway through lol.

I didn’t particularly like Diablo, but I generally don’t like Blizzard stuff. I DO like Bioware stuff, with its story heavy gaming et cetera et cetera. Is there a chance that I’d like this?

The story is pretty good, but I feel like I’ve kind of lost it through the quest grind. There haven’t been a lot of plot heavy moments since the beginning. I’m about 30 hours in and this kind of worries me.

It plays less like Diablo than I imagined. It far more party based, you control four characters. In a way I feel like this cheapens your character creation process by essentially allowing you to play any class you want, at any time. That being said playing on a console really doesn’t do much for this kind of gameplay. It can be difficult at times to get everybody doing what you want them to do, and the gambit system really just presents you with “if, then” situations - if this occurs, then do this. If you fail miserably, which is a possibility even if they do everything you told them too you may be spending 15 minutes or so redoing all your teams gambits. That being said, you do have four presets you can go to, but I haven’t had to do this but maybe twice.

It’s fun, but it does wear thin on me. Mostly because I get sucked in for like 4four hours and eventually get a little exhausted. The dungeons are very deep and long, as are the main quests. And with as difficult as this game is it gets tiresome redoing stuff. The save option has become my best friend.

Am I too late for this thread?

Not really. I just finished it with a warrior. I liked it quite a bit. The story and music and acting was top notch. The game looks and runs like ass, though the character models are very nice. Its a massive game.

I don’t find the game plays like Diablo. I actually played it a bit like an RTS since I played the mac version and not the console version.

I died quite a bit when I tried playing a mage. I was very frustrated with the start of the game as a mage, particularly Ostagar and the boss fight. I breezed through it playing a dual wielding warrior.