Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog

A 3 part miniserie up on the internet for free until July 20, meaning you can see it TODAY and tomorrow, and then it’s gone (or at least you have to pay for it)

It stars Neil Patrick Harris as the Doctor, who wishes to become an evil genius, and Nathan Fillion (That Captain from Firefly) as Captain Hammer, the Doctor’s justice-loving nemesis.

Just watch it, it’s part comedy part musical, worth the time.

Joss Whedon’s explanation why they made it is rather amusing too.

I’m a long-time fan of Joss, and I’ve already got all three acts on my iPod- and I can’t wait for the DVD. They’re going to include a bunch of extras, including a commentary entitled Commentary! that is actually another musical. It will rock.
I saw from the beginning that BAD THINGS were going to happen to Penny, but it still hurt when I watched it this morning.

I really hate Whedon for all his downer endings

I missed the midnight deadline by like ten minutes because I thought it was going to be midnight tonight. >_<

It is. They’re still viewable. I just watched Act 1.

I just about died at “The hammer is my penis.”

I tried the website last night and I got “not viewable”, and on iTunes it was $1.99… I’ll try again.
Nope, just tried again. Maybe it’s only free for US IPs?

Favorite lines:

1. The status is not quo.
2. The hammer is my penis.
3. We’ll do the weird stuff.

I still can see it.