DQIX for...DS?



Watch out for it… FF XIV for the Wii. Oh yes. It will happen.

DQ IX for ds… umm… WIN!!!

And there was much rejoicing.

While I praise SE’s decision not to put it on the PS3 because I want as little reason to get one as possible, I really enjoyed VIII’s graphics and voice acting, so this is a bit of raw trade off.

Ah! So that is why I can’t log on to 1up right now.::doh:: Plus !Hot DAMMNNN! :hyperven: Suck on that Port Station Portable.:victoly:

Edit: Well I’ve finally got to log on to 1up.com and saw the details and to say the least I’m a bit surprised they made that game into IX. And here I though it was going to be a spin-off and a kinda Pokemon like game. (Oh God! Don’t tell me they’re still keeping tha-err… Wait wasn’t that feature in V as well? I any case its too early to tell what this game is going to be like so I’ll shut up before I stick my foot in my mouth again.)

Actually I’m honestly thinking it will. Or at least a game in the Fabula Novis… thing.

I may have to buy a DS now.

There could be more Dragon Quest games with the “Heroes” title. Because it was on Rocket Slime.

Oh, and about Monsters Road…there was this other game called Boken Ou Beet Busters Road. (Based off Beet the Vandel Buster.) I guess “Road” is some sort of series/engine.

So there could be some more Dragon Quest games for the DS.

Read the article, Basara.

I’m quitting this board.

They could have at least released it on the Wii…not only would that be a satisfying choice instead of PS3, but it would give SE fans reason to buy one. That’s what I think, anyways. I guess it doesn’t matter, cos I don’t like Dragon Warrior too much. I really wanted to like 8, but it was a little too slow. Good to know they’re not alienating their original audience, though.

I have to say, the screen shots looks pretty good, almost as good as DQ8. My guess is part of it is to keep it a little more traditional. If they released it on a next gen system, it would be required to have a much better graphics and and some new design aspects witout getting killed. I’m not saying it would be bad, but the general public would probably reject it. Graphics and gameplay enhancements have never really been DQ’s strong points. I like the graphics and they are pretty good for DS game. Hell, if they can just get it to run faster than FFF3, it’ll be great. The decision makes me happy.


Up to 4 players online via Wi Fi.

I read about this on Slime Knights first, and I was so pysched! I’m planning on buying a DS Lite once the stores here get some more, and I’m glad to know that there will be a traditional Dragon Quest game for it in the future. It looks pretty sweet… I’m a little off with the multiplayer since I play alone, but everything else seems okay.

Ah, but with WiFi , you won’t be alone! Esp not with the horde of horny, geeky nerds at RPGC who want to “play” with you. Or am I the only one to have interpreted that as meaning you can play with someone 1000 miles away? Now that I think of it, they might not do that… hmm -_-.

I hope this isn’t a disaster and turns me away from the Dragon Quest series because I’m not a fan of action RPGs. Thats really saying something because i’m a DQ nut.

Originally Posted by Skankin’ Garbage
I really wanted to like 8, but it was a little too slow. Good to know they’re not alienating their original audience, though.

You havn’t played VII yet have you?

But, customizible characters, wireless mutiplayer action adventure gaming, and all within a DQ setting is making my day. However, how this game will play is a different matter. And with such little infomation its really hard to make a perdiction with any accuracy.

Oh, and by the way does this game sound like it should have been part of the Mana series instead? (Not that being a Dragon Quest game is bad, but how are they going to make this game not look like a Mana game, or god help us a recent Mana game granted I’ll give Children credit where its due, but I’m more or less refering to Legend and/or Sword.“Multiplayer my ass!”:suckah: )

I’ve played 7. If your comment was regarding how I was talking about slow pace, then yeah - 7 moved practically BACKWARDS. I tried very, very hard to finish it, but one of the shards dissapeared (Ask Sinistral - we worked on trying to find whatever shard I was missing for like, two weeks!).

Anyways, funny I made that comment about roots, as I now have found out that DW9 is gonna be an action RPG. Maybe I’ll actually try it, now. Though, most unfortunate about the fact that there probly won’t be any voice acting - DW8’s voice acting was very, very good.