DQ8 Help

I’m at the Dark Ruins and managed to get to the fight with Dhoulmagus, at which point I was completely pulverized. I was fine up until now (except for the fight with that octopus at Port Prefect, which took about five tries) and I’m fine in the dungeon itself. I don’t have the best equipment, because I’m completely broke and enemies don’t actually give all that much cash. I’m leery of selling things because I might need them for alchemy recipes. I refuse to play this game first time round with an FAQ of any kind. My highest level is 26.

So… pointers?

What’s your weapons/armors for the main character, Yangus and Angelo? There are ways to make cash fairly simply, but more importantly, the trick may well lie in an alchemy recipe to make a better blade.

Personally, I don’t remember using a specific tactic in the fight other than keeping accelerate up and having Angelo overheal a little, because Dhoul can really wear you down fast if you’re unlucky.

My friend says try beating first his clones (not the center one) and it helps when Angelo gets multiheal at lv 30. The last may not be that useful as you don’t like levelling up, but just in case.

I’m tempted though. >_< Is there a good place to level up (i.e. besides Dark Ruins)? It seems to take FOREVER to raise levels in this game.

I believe I’m using the Partisan spear for the Hero and the Iron Axe (?) for Yangus. I forget the armor, but it’s not anything all that impressive. 8p

Do the clones come back after you beat them? And how much HP do they have? It might indeed be easier to beat them first.

They don’t come back if I remember right, so you may indeed be better off pounding the clones to paste first. Your weapons seem okay but not not uber. Upgrade your partisan with Partisan + saint ashes to make a Sandstorm spear, can’t hurt packing more attack power. I was using the Zombie Slayer myself since the ruins are pretty dead-y, but the Zombiebane is pretty pricy to get, thankfully the 2nd item (holy talisman) is pocket change in comparison.

As for leveling, unfortunatly, short of metal slime spots you’re not gonna find good places easily, and Metal Slime spots all require advanced transportation to get to.

I’ll try that, but I doubt it’ll help much. I’ll go back and try pounding the clones and see if that works.

Btw, is every alchemy recipe mentioned somewhere in the game, or do they just expect you to experiment? There’s something like ten thousand possible combinations (much more if you consider three items)…

There’s alot mentionned in bookcases, but not all of them. Some are pure experimentation, which is why I did not regret buying the player’s guide (although they left out the Ultimate Sword, bastards)

Gah… I was afraid of that. They’re nuts. >_<
Still, I’m not giving in. I ain’t using an FAQ until I’m right before the final level.

Still Cid if you need help get the guide. It has no real guide, but is does have the maps, treasure list, and all other guidey things.

And there probably is out there an alchemy-only guide if you think you’ve skipped anything pretty powerful.

Get Angelo’s multiheal and the fight becomes a hundred times easier. But he doesn’t get the spell until level 30. I couldn’t beat Doulmagus until I got it.

Owchie. Raising levels takes FOREVER. >_< Still, I might bite the bullet at this point.
Is there at least a place I can get gold pretty fast? The best I can think of is the Swordsman’s Lair (or some such) where there were a bunch of Goodybags. But that’s still not more than about 2-300 per fight, and I need probably about 15,000 gold worth of stuff if I want to get the top-notch equipment that’s offered now.

You don’t need to level up till Angelo gets Multiheal. If both the hero and Angelo have HealAll you can beat him at about level 28-29. I’m not sure if you can get it yet, but a second monster team is really helpful. You get it by beating the arena.

I forgot to even use the monster team I have. ^^; I’ve got this big colossus that takes a lot of punishment.

Neither the hero nor Angelo has HealAll; Angelo has FullHeal and the hero just has MidHeal.

That’s what I meant. Earlier games in the series called it something like that.

Well, I finally beat him, through a judicious use of the tactics mentioned above - my Call Team basically beat one of the clones, and I just healed like crazy with Angelo and Hero while Jessica kept up Acceleratle and Oomph for Hero and Yangus. I then proceeded to go into the next fight with no MP, at which point I was murdered. I’m too tired to go back right now, but please please please tell me I don’t have to do that first fight again…!

Why wouldn’t you? It’s not like you could save in between. Two forms, it’s frikkin Dhoulmagus, can’t be THAT easy.

GAK, you’re kidding me. >_< I thought that in this game when you died it remembered everything you did before you died?

It remembers everything you did, save for plot scenes like this who have dual-form bosses. It also cuts your gold by half, as in the old days.

Sorry Cid, it’s tough, but that fight is all about endurance. Thankfully for you, it’s one of the few superhard fights, I didn’t find the final boss to be as tough as this, and I didn’t retry as much for it either.

You don’t have to do the first fight again if you save after you die, the game does remember. I died during the second battle as well the first time.