Downloads page?

Hi all! GREAT site! I am new here, but will likely be here a lot. Anyway, I was on the Shining in the Darkness Shrine, and it said to go to the downloads page, to download a program with which to edit save files. The problem is, I can’t seem to find the downloads page.

If I recall, we don’t distribute hacking files, you will probably need to google for them. I’d start with , but they may not have it.

True that is Pat. Although I think a shrine that old probably had it’s own downloads page. It may have been deleted for space or for compliance with the above mentioned rule. Google is the way to go.

Thanks guys! Googled it, and sure enough, found a site with links to editors, as well as a pretty good guide for how to do it. Now to see of it works!

Glad to see we can still be informative at this site.

At least for things other than Ramza’s drug addiction.

I don’t think we were very helpful there. Who knows where he is now!

If we weren’t helpful in that case, it wasn’t exactly our fault …