Download Managers.

For a while now, since I got ADSL more than a year ago to be precise, HTTP downloads suddenly seem to freeze at one point for no reason making me restart the process from 0 (Not exactly fun with 100MB files, mind you). This doesn’t happen all the time, just 70% of it and the file size is irrelevant as I had it freeze on me with files from 6 to 120MB at completely random completion percentage and perfectly stable speeds.

I don’t really download so much stuff directly, resorting more to eMule and BitLord, but this IS pretty annoying at times since I have to restart five or six times before it gets it right.

Before you try to shove Firefox down my throat, I’m already using it. Both FF and IE have this problem. Also, before you try to shove some download accelerator down my throat, I’m not interested in raping anyone’s bandwidth. I just need something that will let me stop a download at any point, close the browser, maybe even turn off the computer and restart the download where I left off.

Thanks in advance.

Just turn off the bandwith raping.

Ironically, the download freezing won’t let me get the file >:(

EDIT: Nevermind, it went through. Thanks.