Douchebags of games

Here’s gametrailers list of douchebags, who else do you guys think belongs on this list?

Wow, this is isn’t old at all.

I actually only watched this yesterday. and offhand, I’m disappointed Pokey wasn’t on it.

I feel that Bowser doesn’t really belong on that list especially since he has worked along side Mario in some cases (SMRPG:LotSS comes to mind). Besides I find that Bowser Jr. is far more annoying than his old man (plus there’s no question about which side he’s on).


Gotta agree with #1 and #2 though. Most of the others aren’t really douchebags. I mean, Michael Jackson may be disturbing as all hell, but I don’t think that makes him a douchebag.

Also, they made a Burger King game? O_o

Yeah, I’d like to see that guy who went around scaring people and offering them burgers. I’d be funnier if the guy being offered screamed, ran, ran back, took the burger, and ran away. Or if it was some old guy who got a heart attack and died.
Much like this guy:

And these guys:

If I were them, I’d hit him with something then call the police. The burger king guy is a stalker.::dekar!::

They made 3 of them.

And they have offered them for sale twice in the last 2 years.

thanks for the link

They called Mantis a douchebag… they fail. Doesn’t help that I think ScrewAttack is retarded though either.

Just a question

Is it a big deal to kill Mantis without changing the port? I think that’s how I got the ribbon. I remember freaking out when I did it, but I was kind of a noob back then (Not a noob, but I didn’t have the absolute rape skills I have now).

I think its a big deal.

I do remember it took forever, and you would never get more than one hit off before he disappeared or something. Then I think a girl called you and gave you the ribbon

I’ll have to play through again and see if I can’t do it again (it’d probably be really easy with the ribbon, so I’ll try without). I’m not really sure how I had the ammo for it though, I am normally really gung-ho about running around shooting everyone. Maybe I was trying a stealth run