Double WTF

When I was young, there was a game that caught my attention a lot… It’s called Parodius.

I have a list that I call "The Most ‘WTF’ Games List’. Parodius 1 and 2 have always been on the top. They are the most bizarre games I have ever played.

Well, I only played them in japanese in my youth. But by chance, yesterday I found it in English. I still can’t get the point of the plot, though (if ever there was one). The game doesn’t say much, it just keeps the player saying WTF!

So, if anyone has met this strange piece of weirdness before… WTF is it about?

Well, SH made me say quite a few WTF’s. (Good WTF’s end here) Then, I’d say WTF if I played Big Rigs (awwww) or Cho Eniki (…). But since I care about my health I never will.
Btw, can you list your WTF list? You made me curious…

Nananananananananananana Katamari Damacyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Metal Gear Solid 2 - Vamp… WTF…
Metal Gear Solid 3 - … … everyone - WTF…

Probably not as WTF as the character’s original design. Vamp used to be female, and there was another member of Dead Cell named Chinaman, who had Vamp’s walk on water powers, as well as a dragon tattoo on his back that would come to life.

O.o I thought is that the creaters were on something <.< >.> and yet the game still seemed to amuse me.Altough Katamari was a good example of WTF ,quite on the contrary it became pretty popular.

A Boy and His Blob was pretty WTF.

NiGHTS: into dreams and Katamari Damacy are the two biggest WTF games out there. They’re also two of the most original, happiest games ever.

Yea, 塊魂 is pretty damn good. Another weird one is Stretch Panic…although it DID finally get a North America release, which diminishes the weirdness a bit.

Well, I haven’t played many recent games… A list of old ones follows.

That Castlevania for N64 (it’s a medieval setting, and you get attacked by skeletons riding futuristic bikes, WTF?)

Custer’s Revenge. No comments (rated 18+)

Apocalypse Cow. The players take control of catapults, each on his own field. The ammo for the catapults are cows.

Super World Heroes. I never played it much, though I saw a rom. I got my avatar from it. You pick a real hero from some country (like Joanne D’arc or Rasputin), and then you go fight other historic figures. Yes, the game is from Japan.

Interactive Parables. WTF for concept.

Megaman 5 for SNES. Not the regular version. The bootleg version that came from Japan, where Megaman was replaced by Darkwing Duck.

Afterlife. If afterlife really is like in Afterlife, then being dead is not as bad as it sounds. Good WTF’s for a lot of structures.

That game, I forgot the name, from which “All your base are belong to us” originated.

Aw, I could go on and on…

In so far as World Heroes go, Hanzo/Fuuma OWN that game. Honestly, I’ve never seen Ryu/Ken clones own so much. Even my J.Maximum has a hard time against those two.

Parodius is teh awesome. In fact, the entire Parodius series is awesome. Parodius is just a spoof on Gradius by the same guys who made Gradius. If you really want to laugh at a game, try Sexy Parodius (arcade, PS, Saturn); there’s a boss where you fight a squirrell where you have to shoot him in the nuts. And, no, not those nuts, I mean his testicles. The final boss is crushed to death by a naked woman who’s barely consealed by a sheet. It’s hilarious.

Correction: NES, and it was originally Darkwing Duck, but the bootleggers hacked Megaman in (except for places like the intro, where they may have had to actually show effort).

How can you people not name EarthBound?

And um that PS2 Contra. I got as far as the first boss, attacks by farting out dead bodies. Stupid 1 hit deaths, and you don’t even respond where you die, and the loading times. Quickly popped Contra 3 back in to the SNES, and all was well.

And there was this one SFC/SNES fighting game D-Boy pointed out once. It was like cartoony backgrounds with realistic (well, for SNES) people, and when they jumped they just kinda disolved into the ground, then sprung back up like they were made of rubber.

And ALL YOUR BASE came from the Genesis/Mega Drive port of Zero Wing (the arcade didn’t have it).

I have many more, I just can’t name them at the moment.