Double Information! (Update and Christmas Fic)

Well, it’s nearing two important deadlines: the September fanfic update and the Christmas Saga 4.

Well, let’s get this squared off:

  1. If you have any fics, send them in now. I’m creating a block-off date of September 24; anything after that will not be added into the update. And please send stuff in; so far I only have three things.

  2. I have a loose idea for another christmas fic. It’s not a high-flying adventure, but it’ll tie up the few remaining loose ends from Christmas Saga 3, and will also spoil some stuff from Final Saga, which is taking WAY too long. However, I’m still not certain if I’ll write it. If I decide to do so, the signup will be posted on October 1st.

Well, that’s it. And always remember, the revolution will not be televised.

Well, there’s that DQ8 thing of mine from a while back, you have that, don’t ya? Otherwise, here. Good luck with the update!

Gallo, could you add my last RPGC Saga story to the archives under the title of “RPGC Saga 4, part 1?” (Since it wasn’t a Holiday story anymore.) I’d hate to leave the story unfinished, but I’m not sure when or how I’ll continue it yet.

Btw, I think you should continue the RPGC Xmas story tradition; that was why I drifted away from that theme with the last story, I didn’t want to continue competing with your Xmas stories.