Double D

What should D&D stand for?

Deminski and Doyle is a nasty radio show in my town. I say D&D should stand for Deminksi and Doyle because it’s funnier

Deminski and Doyle start work late in the afternoon because their up late downloading…


D&D aren’t hung like horses. Horses are hung like D&D

Huge tits

Once again, thank you Basara for posting a thread which no one cares about.


Give it a break, guys. This is a serious thread!

Dungeons and Dragons, totally.

Does anyone listen to D&D? It’s phucking awesome

Brain…trying…to escape…through…EYE SOCKETS!!!

D&D shall forever be D&D.

other: Drinking and Driving




Considering I never heard of the radio show, definately Dungeons and teh Dragons.

Does this radio show play the fine young cannibals? No, it doesn’t.
Therefore it SUCKS as a radio station.
I’m voting for Dungeons and Dragons. Which, while it doesn’t play the Fine Young Cannibals, isn’t expected to by anyone with taste.

Not sure how a radio show can suck as a station, but good point, none the less.
Double D = Double Dragon, or breasticles, perhaps even the character from Ed, Edd, and Eddy, I suppose.
D&D = Creation of Gary Gygax that changed the world for both good and bad.