Double Birthday Extravaganza!! Happy Birthday STARSTORM and RIRSE!!

Stars, here’s your gift: your very own WINGED CATGIRL!!

Now you can show up Mabatsekker! :hahaha;

And for Rirse, it’s SONIC vs Megaman vs Dragonball, in all their pixelated glory!!!

And let me take the chance to THANK you guys for all you have done for RPGC thru the years… and for being nice guys!

Have a fun day!! :victoly:

Happy Anniversary!

Happy muk to day to Spazzy and Rirs…wait a minute, that isn’t right. But thank you guys for the thread, and special thank you to Spazzy for being born one year before me this day. I will give you a no kicky sign for your birthday.

By the way, the stuff I got for my birthday was a new monitor (for my soon to purchase desktop), some dvds (Mash first season, Galaxy Quest, Sealab 2001 season 1 and 2, and Willy Wonka and the Choclate Factory), plus one game (Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow).

Happy birthday, Spazzy! pets teh kitty

Happy birthday, Rirse! doesn’t kill Rirse

Happy Bday, both of you !

For your Birthdays, One Order of Tuna… and a sprite theater.

Love RPGC, Love cats, Love Sprites!! Happy Brithday Guys. (Rirse can I join Nutter for the 31st Oct)

We, the Nutter’s Sprite Crew, Love Dual Birthdays. Since we don’t have to party at someone “Gnome”. And “we’re Gnome-mads” (Nomads)!!

In the morning when I woke up
He was sitting on the edge of my bed
With his brother whose name was Fred
Hed bought him along to sing me a song Right, lets hear it
Here, what`s that clicking noise?

Thats Fred, hes a “metrognome”, haha


So No “1 year Closer to Death day,” Nulani?


That was sort of implied, ya Nutter.

Anyway, have a happy birthday Star, and you too Rinse. Hopefully the weather where you are is better than here, it’s been raining nearly all day.

Happy Birthdays! ^.^