dot hack i love your anime style

i just got dot hack infection and i’m wondering was it worth the fifteen buck i inverted?

Well you could maybe PLAY IT and find out.

Wouldnt you normally just want to ask BEFORE you bought it?

well it was only 15 dollars and i’m a fan of dot hack so :stuck_out_tongue: no! and i’ve played it…it’s good. The gameplay could get repetitive but they have some story line to keep it a little interesting and da sorts so it’s ok. Now i only need to get parts 2,3,4 :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing I dont like about it though is that it leaves the biggest cliff hangers in story and you must buy the other part to see what happens…dammit.but other than that Iwas kind of addicted to crap $15 bucks?! I got it for 30. :noway:

ya i think they couldve avoided the 4 parter thing but i got one question. How do i use that book of law thing?

you can use it later in the game, it will tell you when.

Ok because i accidentily didn’t read the explaination on how and i’m like well i’m the bigshot i thought i was.