Dos Diablo! Fuego!

Just borrowed <strike>and ISO’d</strike> Diablo 2, but not Lords of Destruction. Seems like a pretty decent game, and I know a few other people here play it. So how does a completely clueness n00b such as myself go about creating a decent multi-player character? I haven’t decided on a class yet but I’m looking at either Paladin or Necromancer (cuz they’re so kewl). So, y’know, get discussing, so I can pick up some tips plz. :wave:

Well, there are numerous character guide floating around, most of which can be found at

But first, just play the game and see what you like. And realize that Diablo II online is like, the biggest waste of time ever. Seriously, it’s mad cheap. Nobody does any real work, it’s all cow runs and shit.

Yeah, there’s so much hacked shit floating around, it’s not even funny anymore. There are a fair amount of “tried and tested” builds floating around for every character class. But like Sorc said, screw around and see what you like first.

If you want, I can play with you and help you out. I have the non-Xpac version, and play on the USEast.

My main character is a Level 64 or 65 Necromancer.

Account name is StarAboveMyBed.

I’m going with a Skele Necro, because I don’t really care if I’m not the uberl33test out there, and because I love the idea of having a hoard of the living bones at my command.

This may seem a really dumb question, but; are your Single-player and Multi-player characters seperate?

EDIT: Ah. Obviously they can’t. Durrr.

EDIT2: Oh, and any chance of changing the name to ‘Diablo 2 Thread’ or something? My bad.

Why? I like the name of this thread. :mwahaha:

I might just have to dig out my game…Diablo 2 ain’t the best game out there, but it’s always good for some good ol’ mindless fun. :slight_smile:

Do so and level with me. Account name is Pyresun. Lvl 8 Necro on USEast. :smiley:

And ten days without action and character deletion? That’s a little harsh surely?

I think that only applies if your character’s level is low. Once you get higher, it’s 30 days if memory serves.

I’m gonna see if I can’t find my discs…I’ll probobly have to make a new guy. If you have AIM, contact me. We’ll see if we can’t hook up sometime.

What does LoD add anyway? Extra character classes or something?

Extra character classes are the LEAST of the changes. There’s a whole new ACT, bunches of new items, and all sorts of gameplay tweaks for the better. Once you play LoD, you’ll never be able to play without it again. :hahaha;

Also, there is a way to play with someone else with your 1-Player characters, but I’d advice against doing it exept with people you know.

If you don’t mind my asking, what gateway do you play on?

I can imagine. :smiley:

I’ll probably get LoD as well when I have some money. Or when I find a decent tracker.

And no, your online/offline characters aren’t connected in anyway, meaning you can’t play online with the offline, and offline with the online ones.

Like i said, you CAN plan Online with your Single Player characters through something called “Open B.Net” but like I said, you’d usualy be best off only doing that with people you know for security reasons. You can also connect to a few buddies via a TCP/IP game, which I have done quite often when I want to play with a friend of mine or two.

I’m on right now if either of you want to play.

I already posted my account name in here.

Mmmmm +2 Raise Skeleton Wand. :smiley:

And that’s within an hour of creating a multi=player Necro. Go me.

Little tip: Don’t get too reliant on Skeletons, they aren’t as useful later on. You’re better off with Skeletal Magi later on. And don’t worry about wasting Mastery points, Skeletal Mastery also boosts your Revenants later on.

Ack. Need help killing Ana-something in the Catacombs on Act 1, Normal.

Pierson, did you download this off Bittorrent? If so, how do you play online? I’ve got my version, but I can’t play online.

Help meh :frowning:

By the way, to help you with Andarial, what level are you?

You should have a few skele’s and at least a mage (for single player anyway) and a clay golem. You need curses too, btw, you can’t be a necro and not have curses. I use mostly Amplify Damage and Iron Maiden. Most everything else is just foreplay. Alternate between those and let your minions do the fighting. If you run out of corpses then get out of the throne room and back into the room before that and use those. This fight is not that hard at all.

It works almost exactly like StarCraft; choose gateway, get onto Bnet, Join/Create and you’re off. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have LoD if you join a Non-LoD game.

Get Daemon Tools for mounting ISOs, because it can duplicate SecuRom and others (basically the copy protection), which I think Alcohol can’t. That might be the problem.

In my oppinion, Necromancers are the hardest characters to play solo with. They work a lot better with a little bit of backup, especially from a Paladin. Auras + Summons = Ownage.