Dorm living + video games = no sleep

My rooming arrangement just got switched around, and my new roommate has a PS2, and a copy of Max Payne, which I had never played before. Since he’s gone all weekend, I figured he wouldn’t care if I used his stuff and put it back as I found it. So, I started the thing up about 10 last night (then spent on hour figuring how to get the sound on, stupid overly complicated surround sound). Before I knew it, the time was 9:45 am and I had to go meet someone. Then I got back at 10:30 and finished the game by 1:30.

Mmmm, sleep deprivation.

That’s been happening to me with Neverwinter Nights lately… I’ll start playing at like 10pm… then about six hours later I’ll realize its probably a good time to go to sleep. Its really easy to get swept up by a video game.

I do that all the time, and I’m not even in college yet.

Yeah, 24+ hour gaming sessions aren’t uncommon for me. My body’s got kinda used to them though, I don’t feel the effects as much anymore. Most of the time it’s like “Man, where the fuck did the time go?!”

Staying up til 2 and waking up at 7:30 for 5 days straight is fun.

I started playing Xenogears around 10 last night, and I went to bed at 4 am. I think I was dozing off during some predictable dialogue at the end of Disc 1, so once I was able to save I figured it was time to call it a night. (I normally go to bed around 12.)

I remember back in the day when my brother and I would rent games over the weekend… we’d get Chrono Trigger or something like that and end up staying up almost all night Friday and Saturday playing before we had to return it.

FFXI is having that effect on me. I stayed up till 5am.

I did that this past week with a rented copy of X2. I was trying so hard to finish it.

I used to never get any sleep when i played RO. I would stay up all night for days at a time.

“Just one more level…”

I stayed up to 5 AM playing old Opposing Force these days. I’m close to the ending, so my sleep shall be normalized again. At least untill I find something else.

Yeah, welcome to my world. Except around me it’s Halo, mainly. Halo, ohgodohgodohgod…err, I’d better go now.

Halo is ok. Multiplayer kind of sucks though, it feels alot like UNRERALTournament.

For me its Tibia bah, who thought a mmorpg with the ability to loot fellow players, and snes graphics could be so fun?

Gunbound is my new stay up late game for me.

I used to play tibia in web class last year. I think i still have an account.

Biosfear’s my new all nighter. Even though I’ve got coursework I REALLY should be getting on with.

Furcadia is what causes me to stay up until my parents’ alarm goes off. If it weren’t for the fact that I’d get grounded if I stayed up later than that, I’d play until it’s time to get ready for school (or at least I would if my laptop was working).

Whoa! You people are hardcore! I never really played that long. I guess the longest I’ve ever played a game would be like five hours straight. I don’t think the 12 hours my freind and I took to beat some game (I can’t think of what it was right now) counts because we took turns playing. Given these hours were “daytime” hours and that I was in bed by 11 PM. Yeah, I’m a wuss that needs his beauty sleep :hahaha;

I did make up for it by taking a two-hour nap the following afternoon and sleeping for 14 hours the next night.

It was a few years back… I started playing FFT at 1 PM on a friday, ended at 6:30 AM the next day :smiley:

Beat that ! :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> Wait, people still sleep? Didn’t God release a patch for that a few years ago?

And DG, I’ve had longer sessions than that several times :stuck_out_tongue: