Doomed on the solitary island! (FF6)

Oh good god I think I’m stuck!

I’m playing FF6 and I’ve just finished the part where you have to feed Cid all those fish. I even managed to save his life but when I go down to the beach now, there’s still fish and no raft!

Is there anything I can do? Don’t s’pose I can kill the ungrateful old fart now…?

You need to go down the stairs inside the hut where Cid is. They should be on the left, hidden.

Hmm… so you do. Hehe, thanks :smiley:

I remember when i first played FFVI, and gotr to that part of the game. I didn’t know that fast fish kept him alive and slow fish killed him, so I just kept giving him all the fish. After half an hour, I was nearly in tears from frustration.

I did the exact same thing.


I basically KILLED Cid. It adds more sadness to the game. I loved that game. It’s better if you kill him, therefore you don’t have to find it. Just look at the letter. I’ve always hated Cid in that game. I just went somewhere until he starved to death :smiley:

You don’t have to find it, if you pay attention Cid will walk down the hidden staircase after you feed him enough fish.

Then that person is a moron, I guess.

A moron? Cid is a genius!

Personally I think it’s better if you kill Cid. You never see the old fart again, you don’t have to go trough the “fishing trip from hell” and the scene you get is way better. I still don’t get why Celes doesn’t become a red spot in the landscape after that, but it’s better.

Does the kickass music when Cid dies play even if you manage to save him? If not, then yeah, kill him.

No, it plays “Searching for Friends” instead. And then Cid sends you off. I’d kill Cid just to hear “Celes’ Theme”. 8)

I was hoping for an additional scene where you come back to the island later in the game, but nothing happens.

Hey Dalton, which system is Super Ninja Boy on? From the prefix, I’d guess SNES?

Yep. SNES indeed.

Role-playing game?

I might check it out, I’m a huge fan of SNES emulation.


It’s definitely an RPG. Though it’s not as RPG as you might figure. The battles play out more like River City Ransom, and there’s side scrolling stages every now and then. It’s an incredibly fun game.

Whoah, so many characters. It reminds me of a hybrid of ActRaiser, and well… any RPG really.

Thanks Dalton.

On one of the Offical FF6 PSX Music Video Celes is holding a ribbon/headband which appear to be from Cid Death scenes. You have to finnish the game to get the Video.

The Seagull.

Music video?

Too bad I’m stuck in Kefkas Castle.

It On the UK PSX version to my knowallge. I Striped the Videos off Testing a PSX Video ripper. When I say Music Videos, one is “Aria di Mezzo Carattere” (Celes Sing part in the Oprea) being sung. I think it was the Italian version of it.

Big Nutter
It’s Near the End, they change the outfit during the pull back.